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Smooth : Memphis Wrestling Has A Joyous Ease

Yep, not even surprises can shake Memphis Wrestling, it just adds to the excitement.

The Women’s Title Picture Is Fractured

But why? Skylar is the champ and just below that, it’s in turmoil, isn’t it?

Not any more. 2 weeks ago, Diana Taylor DDT’d her on a steel chair, and now? She’s not in Memphis Wrestling anymore and at the top of the show, Dustin with a quiet voice and a sad face didn’t say she’d be back.

Now that adds even more turmoil; things jumped up a notch, which makes me want to watch.

And I was watching anyway. But this just feeds into the excellence they’ve already made in Memphis Wrestling.

Don’t Forget That Other Title

The big one, Memphis Wrestling’s version of the Heavyweight title, The Heritage Belt.

The champ is Brett ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ Michaels. The challenger is ‘Big Swoll’ Justin Cole.

So let’s get them in front of people! Except Memphis Wrestling didn’t this week. They didn’t need to, because they set that up last week, the friend/foe tease works – this week they even agreed to work together against Mike Anthony’s plan.

Ah yes, the ‘Genetic Nightmare’ Mike Anthony. The other man at the dance. He can cash in his Cobra Cup win at any time and he wants everyone to know it. He was in action this week and it wasn’t easy.

Mike Anthony v Brandon Espinosa

Espinosa is a big wheel in Ohio Valley Wrestling as part of much-feared tag team Dysfunction and he gave Anthony something to think about here.

He showed his impertinence by trying to roll Mike up early and suffered Suplexes and shoulders for his trouble.

Espinosa landed a Swanton, sadly almost entirely on Anthony’s head. And Brandon is a big fella, but Mike shook it off and hit his version of Gator Feet for the pin.

He looked a little woozy after but was able to celebrate alright.

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Tag Team Turmoil

The Posse are the Memphis Wrestling Tag Team champs. Got that? Except they don’t work for Memphis Wrestling. Yeah, a slight wrinkle here. Dustin is trying to get them signed but they don’t seem to want to rush into it.

Meantime, their main contenders and former champs the Yung GOATS keep saying they would fight them anywhere. The Posse told me they’re up for that.

So the GOATS brought their own posse today. Their coach Brandon and running mate Rashad Lee; must trust Rashad, they put him in a match. They were right.

The Yung GOATS v The Etiquette

Lee started with a bouncy Huracanrana and leg lariat to the back of J Smooth’s head. He then managed a ‘Rana and Leg Scissors combo and when we came back from commercials, what do we see? A close up of Rashad landing on Martin.

But Lee was in trouble on the outside when Martin threw him against the ropes and clotheslined him as he bounces off; fabulous. Smooth gave him the Garvin Stomp too, but they didn’t get the win.

That came with an Aaron Roberts Spear as Lee hit a Topé Suicida; rather good.

Dustin Gets Bigged Up

By Jerry Jarrett. By King Cobra. And fair enough. Dustin and Maria Starr, plus many others, have brought Memphis Wrestling back, not as a nostalgia show, taking elements of that but building something (literally with the Wrestlecenter) which is warm, welcoming, and very entertaining

And that shows in the guests they can attract. Yes, WWF/E star Scotty2Hotty, but also Madds Kruger from MLW, Evil Uno who upsets the crowd with his harsh mouth here, and Rhino, who will battle K-Toomer, who almost broke Kid Wrestling with a Spear at the end of their match here, a metaphorical stare at the Man-Beast.

Best Of The Best

Austin Lane was very sweet about champ Brett Michaels, with whom he had a great title match recently, and also very sure that he wanted his Best Of The Best open challenge back.

That’s great. It has been before. It was here.

Austin Lane v Trace Hunt

Trace was impressive in the Grind City Rumble and he was allowed to show us what he could do here.

He made an unconventional Suplex to Leg Sweep look good. He turned Austin inside out with a Clothesline.

But it wasn’t enough, Austin’s work was exemplary, a Superplex, a Powerbomb into STF. This is often his finisher, so…Trace kicked out!

Undeterred, Lane just caught him coming off the too and applied the triangle choke. But Trace fought. Oh, how he fought. To no avail.

Austin Lane won again… a Mighty fine match too.

Well, That Was Good

Oh, it was. Memphis Wrestling was smooth, soulful, and very successful. Bit then it is every week at the moment; can’t see that changing any time soon.

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