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It’s Alive! CCW Alive Is In Rude Health

Why Do I Say This?

It just came to mind. Like that peanut butter and leek sandwich idea. This was a better one. Because the CCW weekly show is so well designed that it’s almost a thing of beauty.

This week, in their usual 20-or-so minutes, they wanted to concentrate on the main event Heavyweight title match. And quite right.

After all, it was a wrestling entertainment special.

Catena – Why?

That’s what we’ll be asking later. First, though, he’s in a 6 man tag and we join it in progress as the next match is being prioritised; nothing wrong with that, ‘cos it didn’t mess up this match at all.

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Anthony Catena’s Mea Culpa Credit; screenshot from the show on YouTube

After all, it was mainly to bring back Anthony Catena, the apparent Six Tool Product (not sure I want to see an advert), who might have been called a Tool last time he was in CCW, but this time?

After getting the snappy Suplex and a sweet DDT counter on Ozzy Kilmeister, whose work I like (there was a nice Turner, or was it the Wrangler? wrist takeover and desperation Uranage), Anthony took the mic…

And was nice. Even remorseful. The CCW crowd at the Unbranded Brewing Co building seemed to like it and he didn’t drink it in. That was a really good decision, it seemed like something he had to do, rather than something he wanted to use.

That Wrestling Entertainment Match

It was for the CCW Heavyweight title. It was;

Cha Cha Charlie



Screenshot 20220505 204751 YouTube
Cha Cha Charlie Credit; screenshot from the show on YouTube

the popular CCW champ Charlie is going to have to stick and move and use his smarts, if he stays in one place too long, the looming Agony will have his violent way with him.

Screenshot 20220505 204828 YouTube
Agony; Credit; screenshot from the show on YouTube

So Charlie thought he’d finish it early and you’d expect a Tombstone Piledriver to do it, but it only brought a 2 count.

This wasn’t the way the monster and his man, Dr Eric Christopher, wanted so the good Dr distracted the champ whilst Agony taped his hand to the top rope.

And it didn’t matter. They should have tired his feet because he kicked a chair into Agony’s face and got himself free.

Screenshot 20220505 204926 YouTube
Cha Cha Gets Himself Free Credit; screenshot from the show on YouTube

And then it started. Cha Cha Frog Splash. He got the hat. The end was coming…

Don’t celebrate yet. Here’s Beast Man and his handler Lew Spector. This could be too much, a Heavyweight title fight with run-ins, but it wasn’t. That’s because the commentary team explained it so easily:

What’s Lew Spector doing here?

He’s interfered in every big match.

that was all it took, the feeling that he just can’t keep away. Beast Man hit a devastating-looking Powerbomb; no bell and Ref decision?

Oh no, this was no DQ. So there, would be interlopers. And it didn’t seem too much because it was Catena. He’d sort it out.

And he did. Beast Man and Lew sidled off. He missed Agony, who didn’t forget it was no DQ and threw Anthony out.

Screenshot 20220505 211728 YouTube
Beast Man And Catena Credit; screenshot from the show on YouTube

But he forgot about Anthony who smacked him with a chair when he ran the ropes. Giving Cha Cha time to remove Agony’s mask and use the kerfuffle to roll him up and retain the CCW Heavyweight championship.

It was well-plotted. But it wasn’t over. Catena came in to congratulate him, Charlie raised his hand, and he raised Charlie’s.

In wrestling, this usually ends in tears.

Catena went to go. Cha Cha brought him back in. So this must be OK. Catena was going.

And Cha Cha wanted him to dance. Catena had the Charlie Hat Of Power and swivelled those hips briefly.

This was going fine, he’d turned over a new lea – oh, he kicked him in the twig and berries. And hit a jumping DDT on the CCW champ which looked like the Impaler but from about five feet up.

It looked great.

And that face turn tease was well done. CCW knew we expected it so they waited. And waited. Just when we were half believing him, Catena brought the boom down.

Screenshot 20220505 205023 YouTube
Catena Stands Over A Fallen Champ Credit; screenshot from the show on YouTube

So well done, that. The programme. And the main event. Classy too. Short, CCW Alive but very, very sweet.

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