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Memphis Wrestling Keeps It Simple!

Memphis Wrestling know their business so well now that they pull their angles to the front and the back of the stove with nary a second thought. Their Saturday morning show was simply smooth and simply smashing.

Here were the priorities.

Mike Anthony Crashes The Party

He said he would. After all, he can cash in his Cobra Cup win at any time for a title shot and he might want to do that after one of the Heritage Title combatants was spent.

Champ Brett (Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ Michaels and Big Swole Justin Cole knew that and I thought they’d decided on a plan of action to thwart him.

But no. Mike Anthony sat at The Desk and they couldn’t take their eyes off him. It made the title match something different, it wasn’t a respectful wrestling match or a knockdown, drag-out affair. No, this was bristling with tension and perhaps that was the point. Even Dustin was annoyed with Mike’s appearance – he threw his pen down to show how riled up he was…

So although they traded slams and Cole smacked into Michaels with a Spear, when the distracted champ wound up for closing sequence, his opponent caught him for the Swole Slam and in turning, smacked the ref.

OK, so it’s a ref bump. But it didn’t seem like a well-worn wrestling trope, Memphis Wrestling is better than that; because the match had been set up as a bit of messy excitement anyway, this seemed to suit a match in flux.

Ooh, That Mike Anthony…

Mike rose to his feet. He seemed about to put the Cobra Cup down. Dustin expected a cash in.

And then it came from the back. Look behind you! Behind you! The Posse was back and using their Memphis Wrestling tag team belts as weapons. And they had a decision to make; who to put on top of the pin. They chose Brett Michaels, the champ who has been tough to beat.

This raises delicious questions; did they do this alone? Or did Mike Anthony, grinning whilst they did their dirty business, hire them? Is that why Brett got the win; Mike wants to face him again for the belt?

It was a super piece of Memphis Wrestling shock and one I just loved.

Evil Uno Made His Play

He was going to choose one Memphis Wrestling talent to join the Dark Order. He chose?…

Uncle Mikey. Who turned him down flat. He loves Memphis Wrestling, see? Uno replied ‘Well, that’s interesting’ and punched him in the face!

So they fought. And it was good. Check this out; Uno chopped the ring post so Mikey made him walk through the crowd high fixing. And then Mikey sat on a front-row fan’s knee and held onto his head when chopped. Just great stuff.

Uno had some good offence too, a huge kick and backbreaker, stomping on the fingers on the apron and then biting to those poor digits.

Strange spot, this. Brad Skimahorn distracted the ref whilst Mikey was on his back with his head towards the mat, like this;

Meanwhile, Briar hit a short Stunner which led to a rather nice Mikey Destroyer. But Uno prevailed with a lovely looking Spinning Side Slam.

That was an interesting choice – so popular Memphis Wrestling gent Mikey was beaten by the Memphis hater Uno. Another surprise which shows just how sure Memphis Wrestling are of their work.

The Hollywood Clique Are Official

It was announced on Memphis Wrestling Saturday Night last week but here Jimmy Blaylock was, telling us the Hollywood Horror Show was over and even illustrating it by throwing his clapperboard to the floor, careful Jimmy, that cost 10 dollars!

And here was the rather overlooked but hopefully going forward verybooked Van Viciousssssss, who you’ll know I rate, he even got money from Jimmy! A large billfold no less…that Blaylock, who told us he once dated Brooke Shields (Dustin didn’t seem sure). Me neither…

Another member of that Hollywood Clique when announced on Saturday night was DDT, previously Dangerous, now Dirty Diana Taylor, here taking on former friend Cassandra Golden and wearing her new sort of cheerleader outfit.

She didn’t seem peppy though, rather tough instead hitting several Legdrops, cranking on Golden’s neck and pulling that head far to the side, then running the ropes as if she was going to hit a big move, but going back to the head crank – ooh, that Dirty Diana Taylor!

It didn’t end with a winner, why? DDT wanted one, on a chair as she did with Skylar, Nikki Lane saw she didn’t get the chance – she got the chair from Fred who provides the great pics here, he didn’t look happy, I’ll tell you that!

And More…

More guests, Madds Kruger from MLW and from the Memphis Wrestling locker room? K-Toomer v Brett Michaels – do not ask where the beef is…

The Best Wrestling Entertainment Show?

If it isn’t at the moment, it’s as close as a cat’s whisker; fun, frolicsome and mighty fine. I can’t miss an episode of Memphis Wrestling. Not should you…

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