Three Days Grace Returns with Explosions

Canadian rock band Three Days Grace has returned with their seventh studio album, Explosions. The album really gives off a grungy vibe that will definitely please their fanbase.

The album opens with “So-Called Life”, which has a few incredible riffs and a thumping bass with great use of an electro beat in the background with vocalist Matt Walst putting in an incredible vocal performance. The album keeps it going with the second track, “I Am The Weapon”, with Walst, once again, putting in an incredible vocal performance with a vibrant drum beat with more incredible guitar riffs in the background.

The next track was entitled “Neurotic” and included fellow Canadian singer Lukas Rossi, who is more known as the lead singer of hard rock supergroup Rock Star Supernova. The song was similar to “So-Called Life” with a hint of an electro beat once again, using keyboards and a mixer before the chorus hit with incredible riffs with the vocals of Walst giving it a huge lift. An incredible song, especially including the talents of Lukas Rossi. The next track was a power ballad called “Lifetime”, which was an incredibly strong addition to the album. It really proved how great Walst’s vocals are as you could hear the emotion behind his singing. An extremely emotional and powerful track.

The next track was, in my opinion, one of the best of the album entitled ‘A Scar Is Born’, with the drumbeat, bass, and riffs all working incredibly well together, coupled with the amazing vocals from Walst. This track shows off how incredible Walst’s vocals are, really proving how well he has fit into his position as the vocalist of TDG ever since he took over from Adam Gontier in 2013. Another ballad style song followed, entitled “Souvenirs”, which really showcased the incredibly immense talent of the band. It really showed off how incredible the band can transition from a proper metal song right into a ballad-style track.

Three Days Grace return with Explosions

“No Tomorrow” picks the pace back up, giving it an edgier feel. Walst’s vocals, once again, rule with him switching up between a great harmonious sound and sneering, with the track solidifying itself as one of the best songs on the album, with an incredibly catchy beat in the background. ‘Redemption’, once again, shows off the incredible vocals of Walst, with the lyrics really giving it a great uplifting feel. The backdrop of amazing guitar riffs and great drumming from Neil Sanderson.

‘Champion’ gives off a great kick with an incredible heavy bass feel from bassist, and vocalist Matt’s brother, Brad Walst. The heavy bass beat, along with the incredible rough style of Matt’s vocal, gives it a great sound and makes the song that much better. “Chain of Abuse” adds yet another great song to this album, with Neil Sanderson providing an amazing drum beat alongside amazing guitar riffs to Walst’s already spoken about fantastic vocals.

“Someone To Talk To” is the slowest track on the album, with Apocolyptica providing a chilling instrumental background making it another one of my favourite tracks from the album, with it becoming a very personal favourite due to the lyrics, once again, sung beautifully by Walst.

The album closes with the title track, ‘Explosions’, which connects everything that made all the other tracks incredible, with amazing acoustic connotations. The chorus really, once again, shows off how seamless Walst can switch his vocals between clean and rocky. An amazing way to close the album.

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