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CCW Alive Gets Svelte!

One match for CCW this week! Only one! But when you pick the right one, that’s all you need. Did they pick the right one?

They Picked The Right One

For t’was a match for the Cruiserweight championship. That can only mean one thing:

Alan ‘S2S’ Martinez. The champ. Disliked by the crowd who might grudgingly say he’s rather good. Actually, he’s flaming good.

Talking of flaming, here’s his opponent;

Fuego Del Sol.

Yes, the AEW man who can go between those ropes. Hang on though, if he’s been with AEW, how’s he worked his way into the no1 contender spot? I mean – never mind that! He’s a great guest and this will be a great match.


How Could You Doubt It?

The crowd didn’t. They knew. As CCW said on their website;

‘The Bash at the Brew 15 crowd was red hot for the match and rightfully so, as the action was almost non-stop from the beginning.’

And so did Sol. His early Standing Shooting Star Press was beautiful.

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Fuego Del Sol Standing Shooting Star Press Credit; CCW

Less beautiful but just as effective was Martinez standing on Fuego in the corner, a Springboard Stomp to the back and big Legdrop to the back of the neck. Ouch…

Even when Fuego gathered himself and ran in for a ‘Rana, Alan read it and dropkicked him into the middle of the week after next.

Martinez Cuts Off Sol With A Dropkick Credit; CCW

That got the champ a long 2 counts and the challenger got one of his own after a Leaping Neckbreaker and sweet Asai Moonsault.

Now then, when you have the champ temporarily bothered and you want to land a trademark DDT, it probably isn’t a good idea to take time getting the crowd to chant ‘DDT’. Guess what? Martinez cut him off with a stupendous Spanish Fly he calls the C4.

And there’s that very appropriate ‘This is awesome’ chant…

Was that called a Leaping Kerb Stomp? Now I know Johan Hunt in UKW does one from the top rope but because this was from a standing start, Sol’s seemed even more brutal.

Not A Ref Bump!

Hang on, it was better than most. Fuego stopped himself from crashing into the official Adrian Paz, but Martinez was coming up behind him and hit the ref with a Dropkick which landed like a Cannonball. Ouch, pt 2.

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Ouch! Credit; CCW

The Ending Almost Messed It All Up

But it didn’t quite. Here’s how it went:

Fuego hit his Tornado DDT off the top, but no ref…

So he went to revive the aforementioned ref. Only for Martinez to introduce his arm to Sol’s meat and two veg…

Alan then pinned the fallen opponent. Erm…did he not see the ref was unconscious?

But Fuego was the one who revived another Tornado DDT, this time segueing excellently to a Muta Lock…

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Fuego Del Sol Tornado DDT Credit; CCW

The ref came to and, with a grimace which looked like a pained smile, appeared to count. 1…2…3…

And New!..

Fuego Del Sol celebrated with the belt on the buckle. Only to have the belt ripped from his grasp by a rather annoyed looking ref.

fuego del sol rin 8 15 21 scaled 1
Fuego Credit; Wrestling Inc

What was this? A DQ victory with the belt not changing hands?


Hang on, why did the ref count? Or was it a tap? I thought I saw a count. This seems a bit – never mind that! This was a great match. And Fuego Del Sol told the crowd similar stuff after;

‘This is not why I came all the way to Florida. This is not why I came to CCW,” Fuego said. “But this was my CCW debut and as much as I heard about this crowd … you are the reason I came here.’ 

Yes, A Great Match…

CCW are hot at the moment. They regularly have great matches. Why? They know who to bring in. They know who to match with who. And they know which guests they want too. Let’s not forget those great wrestlers either, of course.

Sounds easy, but it takes real experience and talent. CCW has that. Every week.

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