CCW’s Cage: Chaos And Chokeslams

CCW Did It Right.

Or correctly, if you like. Again, only one match is needed. And that’s because Coastal Championship Wrestling know how to do it.

They’ve been landing punches far above their weight for months because of their excellent match choice, willingness not to overburden the watcher with action and purveying of quality grappling.

These matches are hot. And it was about to get hotter.

The Simmering Discontent

KilLynn King. Champ. Marina Tucker. Former Champ. They can hardly be friends, can they? One gained the belt, one lost it. One wants it, one wants to keep it.

There’s simmering discontent here, kept on the back burner, bubbling away behind other matches for so long. No one’s decided to bury the hatchet, see if they can co-exist as tag partners or give each other a nod of respect. This one is still simmering, the kind you can hype for a special event.

Like a cage match.

When the action started early, in the toilets no less, we knew the simmering discontent had probably boiled over.

CCW Give Us Cage Match Like It Used To Be

Cages? Aren’t they used to fly from the top of through 15 tables at ringside? Or made to break so a ‘monster’ can throw someone right through it?

No. They’re not. Well, they weren’t.

Yes, I know I sound like a seasoned complainer, but I remember the days when Lord Alfred Hayes was considered a viable commentator (and he was, by the way) and cage matches were there for one thing.


The cage was there to keep others out and the combatants in. Getting out of the cage over the top or through a locked door was, and should be, difficult. There was nowhere to run, no way to get out of the fight, if you have a cowardly heel or to finish things mano a mano; or womano a womano.

The cage wasn’t there to be used. It was there as an aid for the match, to add to the story, to act as a pressure cooker. It focused the anger, the animosity, turned Kilynn King and Marina Tucker into each other, no distractions, no excuses, no quarter.

And that’s how it was here. There were spots of course and breath-shortening moments, but the atmosphere was what mattered.

Coastal Championship Wrestling do it right.

And King Is Busted Open Too
Tucker Strangles King With Her Own Hair Credit; CCW

What Happened In The Match?

Lots of good stuff, like King chasing Tucker around the top rope, a King Bulldog off the top and Tucker dumping King onto an exposed buckle from a backpack throw…

…Kilynn busted open, but thankfully not so much that it dominated proceedings. It didn’t pull focus or scream ‘Look! Blooooooood!’

A Superbulldog!
A King Bulldog Credit; CCW

And then the pace quickened; a Tucker rear-naked choke with the hooks in and lovely Moonsault for a long 2 count, a ‘Holy Sh*t’ chant after a King Superplex very well deserved.

And then the finish, all King, a snap German Suplex as her opponent bounced off the ropes and then a sort of wonderful flipping Flapjack before what should be called a Superchokeslam from the top floor gave her the win.

Why Was This CCW Match So Good?

It was a match in a cage, not a Cage Match. Not having those capital letters allowed King and Tucker to work on pacing, psychology and, you know, wrestling. And they deserved it because these two great wrestlers could certainly wrestle.

As I said, CCW do it right.

And do check out the CCW reports at Minutes To Bell Time

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