Memphis Wrestling Best Bits

This Week, Memphis Wrestling Was Fabulous…Again

Favourite Moment 1

The Posse. They came through the front door last week and ruined Big Swole’s Heritage Title shot.

This week they were through the front door again. Maria Starr asked us why they were in the Wrestlecenter as they didn’t even work for Memphis Wrestling.

‘They do now’ answered hubby and head honcho Dustin. He’d been trying to sign them for weeks and finally managed it, to a huge contract, according to Simon. It was a wonderful moment of triumph and sadness for Dustin

And they had t-shirts which I want. When the Posse spoke to me on my podcast recently, they Spike about Dustin becoming a bit of a wrestling mogul, in fact they called him Memphis Vince. And that’s what is on their t-shirts – I want one.

MISTER Chris, no longer Little, needs some respect on that name because the Posse is suddenly massive players. Big Swole may have sneak attacked them this week in a turnabout is fair play way, but they’ve played this beautifully and to best them for the Memphis Wrestling Tag Team belts, other teams are going to have to do something special.

The Yung GOATS Do Something Special

Will it be Axe and Smash? Or Smash and Crush? You know the fuss Demolition caused when they added a 3rd member, it gave them options.

In their match on Memphis Wrestling Saturday Morning, former champs the Yung GOATS bought coach Brandon to the ring along with Zay Washington’s relative Rashad Lee. So who would start? Well, Zay and Rashad were given the nod.

So The Skimahorns tried something similar, after all, they are Memphis Wrestling Trios champs. As Briar gave out ‘I’m A Little Stinkerhorn’ posters to fans, Mikey and Brad started.

Rashad impressed, didn’t he? Speed, linking up with Zay for the latter’s Standing Shooting Star Press and sadly late to the party after:

A Brad dive into Aaron Roberts at ringside.

Zay taking out his opponent and his partner with another dive.

Mikey upping the ante with a Springboard Moonsault.

Rashad’s dive just looked a bit like a latecomer to the party who brings cheese footballs.

Other excellences? 4 hands on the head for a Skimahorns assisted Cutter, Gator Feet to Zay who immediately rolled out, a Brad Falcon Arrow and the simplest of surprise roll ups for a Skimahorn victory.

Great match…

Mike Anthony Becomes A Bit Playground

Mike Anthony? The wound up tighter than a Rolex Cobra Cup winner? Yep.

After his too short match with DJ Brown – two wrestlers who can really go – he fixed his eye on Dustin at The Desk, told him he didn’t like him and after some sass in return from Dustin…

Dustin about to get sassy on Mike Anthony
Dustin Doesn’t Look Happy Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

…main man getting brave, telling Mike he made it so easy to work with him, the crowd got on The Genetic Nightmare’s back.

And he told them that if he ‘wanted to to hear from a butthole, I’d fart’.

Oooooooh! What a naughty man! I don’t care anyway ‘cos my dad says I’m the best and my brother could beat you up any time.

Actually, I’m writing cheques my family can’t cash here. Hope Mike didn’t hear that. Let’s move on…

Gio Savage Delivers On His Debut

Great to see you, Gio.

Great to be here, so excited for my debut!

Excellent! And tonight you’re facing K Toomer!


Is that OK?

Oh…of course…I just need to say goodbye to my family…

Surely it didn’t happen like that because Gio really went for it, kept the pressure on, kicks, punches, some odd lightweight shoe kicks.

Gio Savage wants a piece of K Toomer
Gio v Toomer Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88


That Toomer Spinning Kick is amazing to see and no doubt terrible to experience. He gets height, he shows smoothness. Very soon after there was a Toomer Gore to pull on future opponent Rhino’s beard and a Big Bang for the pin.

Gio had a go but Toomer stole that show. Sho’ Nuff.

The Guests Give Glory

Memphis Wrestling know what they’re doing with special appearances and today we had Another Archer Ascendancy – well, Lance is being used as fodder for a smaller man, Wardrobe, in AEW, so it must be nice to beat someone up here.

Step forward, Martin.

Oh, you want a go? Look, Lance is giving you a chance to leave the Wrestlecenter and the immediate area immediately, so it might be good to take him up on the offer.

No? OK then…

One big Chokeslam later and it was done.

Oh no it wasn’t. Are they the strains of ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ I hear? It’s Memphis Wrestling Heritage Champ Brett Michaels! Got a bit of a rep himself you know, can’t just allow a large fella to ride roughshod over his mates. Even if it is Martin.

And the Memphis Wrestling Saturday Morning show ended with a good old security pull apart. They both seemed cheesed off and it lasted for ages – Michaels and Archer played every second of it.

They will eventually collide and the sound of beef on beef may reverberate as far as Beale Street.

Brett wants a piece of the Murderhawk Monster
The Memphis Heritage Champ Brett Michaels Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Marvellous Memphis

These were just a few of the highlights, there were more. There always are more. Because this is Memphis Wrestling and the entertainment just doesn’t disappoint.

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