Memphis Wrestling Simple Rollover?

Memphis Wrestling Smashing Rollercoaster!

We can’t have a special event every Memphis Wrestling Saturday morning. OK, but that lip away. Stop stamping your feet. Sometimes it just needs to keep the impetus going. To roll along. Not surprising that Memphis Wrestling does it with panache.

Are The Etiquette splitting up? Cross Man, their manager/cheerleader, was at The Desk, but his men weren’t. Jay Smooth was injured. And Martin? Just not there. So Cross would step up. In his jeans. He had a go against Trace Hunt Hunt hit the buckle and almost came into our living room, but Cross fell to a headbutt off the top.

What was also interesting was the catch in his voice when Cross talked about his team ‘collapsing’; Martin and Smooth may be available soon, and Jimmy Blaylock is looking for Hollywood Clique members…

A New Tag Team Arrive

We saw the promos. Boulevards and palm trees. The LA Hustlers are here. And they cheat to win.

New Tag Team...
The LA Hustlers Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Against Country Rock big Bradley just lifted his partner Lamont and slammed him onto Carter Matthews; that’s got to hurt

Not as much as a massive kick to the back from Lamont who then knelt to drink in the Memphis Wrestling fan boos and left his ankle over Carter’s neck.


Hayes turned things around too with 2 Superman punches and a rather spiffy twisting Senton off the top floor.

Strange ending though, the nefarious LA Hustlers had a chain which ended up around the fist and in the face for the pin. But Lamont did it and he surely wasn’t the legal man…not to worry though, ref Ray Ray clocked the chain and rather than asking how many carats, he reversed the decision.

It was a bit messy, but the LA Hustlers made an impression in Memphis Wrestling and what Dustin said about them made one too – the rumour that they weren’t from LA at all, but Arkansas…

DDT Doesn’t Get The 123…

Diana Taylor was having trouble winning. So she changed her attitude. From Dangerous to Dirty. She gave Memphis Wrestling Women’s Champ a DDT on a chair. And now she had the belt.


Cassandra Golden quickly hit a Death Valley Driver for the pin. She returned the belt to Dustin Starr.

And DDT still can’t win. Where will she go now? It’ll be interesting to see…

Diana Taylor.
DDT Herself Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

The Memphis Time Continuum Catches Up

Ooh, the look on Austin Lane’s face! He was seething. He had a right. His mate, Matt?

Smacked him one just when he was fighting out of the Meklalock. The Best Of The Best might have been the first to break it, but we’ll never know. Not whilst his head was being ground into the ring steps.

And Memphis Wrestling Saturday Morning caught up with last week’s Memphis Saturday Night. Glad about that, I was beginning to get a bit woozy.

The Meklalock Challenge...
Austin Wants A Piece Of Norman Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Looking forward to the Norman and Matt show though…

That Memphis Vince Thing Started With Me!

Well, sort of. The Posse were on my podcast when that phrase was apparently used for the first time. Now there’s a t-shirt! And boy, do I want one.

The Posse interrupted Big Swole Memphis Wrestling Heritage Championship match and he wanted revenge.

So much so that taking on the Posse alone wouldn’t stop him. He got 2 slams in but he fairly quickly needed help.

Simon Gets Some Air...
Simon Gets Height On His Elbow Drop Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Da-da-dah! Kid Wrestling to the rescue! He did hit a couple of Shoulder Blocks and a Double Noggin Knocker (TM) but a Simon Discus Punch put him down and a huge Shoulder To Stomach in the corner from MISTER Chris –


seemed to suggest the end. Except Swole had another idea, a Swole Slam to be precise and Simon had to save MISTER Chris –


– from the pin.

So more was needed. A chain to Swole.

Chain Wrestling...
The Chain To The Throat Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

A spike to Kid Wrestling, bleeding through the mask – gotta love that.

Gotta love those t-shirts too.

An Ordinary Memphis Wrestling Programme?

Yes. And not. A keep-it-rolling programme with real fun and entertainment; trust Memphis Wrestling to deliver.

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