Memphis Wrestling Shocking Surprise!

And New…Mike Cashes In

He’d been teasing it for weeks. Mike Anthony won the Cobra Cup, so he got a shot at Brett (‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’) Michaels’ Memphis Wrestling Heritage Title belt whenever he wants.

And he must have had confidence in his abilities because he cashed his shot in during the Michaels v Lance Archer main event, making it a Triple Threat match.

He immediately set about pinning both. No dice. He then set about punching both of them. No, Mike, don’t try it! Too late. Brett and Lance worked together in a double Choke Slam and Mike bailed. Which did him good.

The two big men had fought outside earlier, even in the Memphis Wrestling Wrestlecenter bleachers and Brett had him in a lovely Stalling Vertical Suplex. It was when they both had the same Clothesline idea that Mike saw his chance.

And after Archer has been Clotheslined to the floor and popped straight back up to the apron, they jockeyed for Suplex supremacy and Anthony crept in, bashed into them both, which sent Archer to the floor, and rolled up the champ for the surprise pin.

He seemed surprised himself, which really worked. He then told Dustin and Maria to get out of the way whilst he celebrated on The Desk, cup in one hand, belt in the other. And then left the Cobra Cup on that Desk – he didn’t need it, it had done its job.

A shock, one that although teased, was unexpected.

Mike Anthony, new Memphis Wrestling Heritage Champ
And New!.. Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

No Surprises In The Sweet Wrestling Though

Memphis Wrestling seems to just provide really good, fun matches on Saturday morning as if it were just something which should be natural.

Yes it should be, but it usually isn’t.

Here are 2 of the sweet matches;

The Austin Lane Best Of The Best Challenge

From Belltime to Teatime…or something, he’s the Best. He may be right. And after his best mate Matt betrayed the best, Austin was angry. Here’s how angry;

Austin Lane awaits hid opponent
Austin Isn’t Happy Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

He wanted Matt or ‘Norman’ Meklakov. He actually got Ryan Rembrandt. And that was a real challenge, Ryan came to show his quality and that quality is high.

Austin began angrily, but Ryan stuck an excellent snap DDT as his opponent came off the ropes, then a good to watch Code Breaker and, when they both worked off the top, came up with a Single Leg Boston Crab.

Lane does not call himself the Best Of The Best for nothing and he can beat you from anywhere. A sudden STF and Rembrandt was tapping.

Angry Austin is aching for a match with Matt or Meklakov…

And what a way to start Memphis Wrestling this week

Brandon Espinosa v Aaron Roberts; good to see the Yung GOAT getting a singles match, but with Espinosa in the other corner, careful what you wish for.

Both are big men and the beard of Brandon was impressive. As you can see;

What a beard!
Brandon Espinosa Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

After Aaron showed his power with a Biel, Espinosa cleverly took the big(er) man down and worked the leg with 2 clips and a Knee Breaker which had Aaron selling really well.

Aaron's selling is so good here...
Brandon Works The Knee Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Aaron came back of course, he almost Hulked up, hitting a Belly To Back Suplex but falling to a Knee Bar.

The desperation was in, so was a big Clothesline for Aaron, but even that didn’t help, Brandon got the big man up and hit a fine-looking Death Valley Driver for a long 2 count.

Look out, Brandon! He didn’t and a Pop Up Powerbomb got him.

Good match, that…

Simmering Storylines

You don’t turn down the Hollywood Clique. Well, Derrick (the) King did and now Jimmy Blaylock and Van Viciousssssss are not happy, particularly as Jimmy thinks VV is the next action movie star.

This was actually quite a febrile altercation – sounds like a health complaint. They got in each other’s faces, Jimmy prodding, VV shouting, Derrick smirking. And then Derrick took his jacket off and demanded a match.

It was on! VV had chains and a rather nice shirt to take off, careful now…and don’t get your trousers besmirched either, VV bailed after some punches.

And after walking into a Superkick and seemingly certain pin, VV was saved by his mate Jimmy who pulled him out and put his security men in the ref’s face. Which allowed Mr Viciousssssss to take Jimmy’s cane and smack it into Derrick’s head for the pin.

Nefarious, but good heel work. This Memphis Wrestling stable might be one to watch.

Look at that face!
Van Viciouss Tastes A Derrick Superkick Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam fredstyle88

The Most Disturbing Footage They’ve Ever Seen

That’s what Dustin said. And the photos from last week’s Memphis Wrestling when the Posse attacked Kid Wrestling with a spike and he bled through his mask. Looked good last week and was rather distinctive this week too. And the last shot was the floor covered in blood – so much blood it looked like a crime scene!

Rebel Kel is back! The Memphis Wrestling Women’s Division is hot at the moment and Kel coming back will only make it more interesting.

Smoking cigars and kicking butts, I think he said. That’s Money Mark, who’s a financier with a penchant for purple lamé jackets and hats – not sure that’s hit Wall Street yet. That he’s the new manager of Big Jack and Bruce though is very welcome though and makes me feel very 80’s.

Memphis Wrestling Enters The Dark Days?

Whether you’re excited by Zicky Dice, Buff Bagwell and Mads Krugger appearances, or can’t wait for the Rendezvous At The Zoo, there’s a sense of flux in Memphis Wrestling at the moment.

With Mike Anthony and the Posse in possession of two of the belts, the fan favourites are in the shadows at the moment. Will they rise up to the challenge or shrink back, awaiting their chance?

Whichever it is, Memphis Wrestling is going to be compelling.

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