CCW; A.R Fox + Brian Cage – Fabulous

1 Match

I know I keep banging on about this with Coastal Championship Wrestling, but CCW have such strong matches that they seldom need more than 2 contests to please us. That’s what happened this week, just the one match but what a good one, CCW often gets something special out of him and rightly so. After all, he is special, isn’t he? And so is AR Fox, tough to keep up with.

And so only this match is presented this week. That’s a big decision and it takes 2 things;



New balls...
Balls Credit; The Mirror

Yes, the strength to leave it alone, not to add match after match. It’s good enough, nothing else is needed. Dilution is no solution.

So CCW Alive this week? One Match. 2 great opponents. Let’s go…

The Match

Early on a Cage chop resounded, he was up for or early on, throwing Fox to the buckle so hard he was propelled over the top turnbuckle.

Fox came back with a Slingshot Dropkick (as you do), and then added a twist to a Huracanrana on the outside – no ordinary ‘Rana for him.

He topped that with a short, snappy Moonsault off the apron and then back in the ring a Wheelbarrow Faceplant.

What will Brian do next?.
Brian Looks Like He’s Ready Credit; Screenshot From The Show On YouTube

You won’t just hit Brian Cage with offence without him coming back at you and he showed his power by Suplexing Fox back into the ring. Ordinary? Nope, he did it from the second rope and to have no secure footing for that move showed real strength.

Cage continued with an on the button knee to the face and Pump Handle driver; he’s on the march…

That looks like it hurts...
Brian Cage Puts The Shoulders In Credit; Screenshot From The Show On YouTube

Get This Sequence

Basement Cutter segueing to an Off The Top Cutter, massive Cannonball, lovely Swanton for a long 2 count.

A jump to the top rope and Sliced Bread, or Driver – the commentary team didn’t know what to call it and neither do I – just call it marvellous.

And then a 450 splash for good measure.

All this was AR Fox. It showed just what he can do. And it was just excellent.

Cage v Frost
A Great Match Credit; YouTube

So Did He Pick Up The Win?

No. After almost managing it with a Buckle Bomb and an immediate F5, a sudden Sit Out Powerbomb did the trick for Big Brian.

Why Was It So Good Then?

Well, firstly, Cage, who usually picks up the win on his CCW sojourns, gave AR Fox so much offence. Fox was able to show his quality, his moves, show how close he was to securing the win. And the crowd looked as they wouldn’t mind who won.

Among the chairs...
Both Men Down Credit; Screenshot From The Show On YouTube

And as reported on Reddit;

‘AR Fox sustained two broken ribs in this insane banger with Brian Cage last month at RedCon1 in Nashville.’

That Fox lost didn’t affect his standing one bit, he showed so many quality moves in the match and the sudden Powerbomb for the pin was one of those instant attacks, could have been either of them.

But it was Cage, and seldom has a big man been able to move as he does but also keep up the pace as he does. This match was frenetic yet smooth, exciting yet measured. Brilliantly done.

CCW Alive Should Be On You Watch Later List

It frequently delights, both in wrestling and atmosphere. It has characters who surprise and entertain. It has a crowd who are absolutely in CCW’s corner.

And all this in 20 or so minutes. That is tough to do. CCW Alive manages it week in and week out.

Have a look – you won’t be sorry.

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