Memphis Wrestling: The Troublesome Era Begins

‘Kids Were Crying, Hearts Were Broken…’

That’s how Maria Starr began this Memphis Wrestling Saturday Morning spectacular. What could she be talking about which caused so much torment?

Here Comes The New Heritage Champ

And because holding the Memphis Wrestling top belt has some gravitas, he’s nicely suited. With a beanie hat to make you look twice.

Yes, Mike Anthony finally won the title he had coveted for so long. Last week he cashed in his Cobra Cup winner shot and almost stole a pin from a preoccupied Brett (‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’) Micheals.

Mike Anthony
The Champ Is Here! Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

And so a new era begins. The Anthony era. He looked happy. But there’s something angry, annoyed, behind that smile. He’s an agitator. What will he do now he has the object he desired?

Loads. Including facing off Micheals, who will now have to start from the bottom and showed his intention by making short work of Jason Brett (I think he was called). This is what I like to see, hard work, pulling yourself back up, not being handed No1 contender because of, you know, reasons…

The Anthony Era is upon Memphis Wrestling. It’s going to be dark. And damaging. And damned exciting.

Lane And Espinosa Have A Great Night

Austin is from nap time to tea time the Best of the Best (I think that’s right) and he so wants to prove it to that turncoat Matt. But he didn’t get him. It was Ryan Rembrandt last week; that was good. This week was even better.

Brandon Espinosa, he of the lustrous beard, answered the open challenge and didn’t half have a good go. It started with a forearm shiver from the outside as Austin ran the ropes, continued with a Superkick for a 2 count and then featured something amazing.

He hit a Belly To Back Suplex but with his hand over Lane’s face so that as he hit the mat (no, not that Matt) his beck snapped back too. A Suplex Neckbreaker. Sweet.

Come on though, Austin is bloody good. I loved it when he swept Espinosa’s feet so that he landed back first on the apron, was delighted when the suited Matt and Meklakov show proved to be a disruptor to Brandon, then was relieved when 2 short and rather brutal Spears gave Lane the pin.

Man, that was close…

Don’t Forget Trace Hunt And Gio Savage

How could I? This was brilliant too. Both wanted to prove their worth. Both did.


Hunt’s Suplex to Leg Sweep, a Gio Springboard Legdrop, Trace getting the big opponent up for a Fallaway Slam, Savage showing a Standing Bow And Arrow into a Death Valley Driver.

All this was just wonderful to watch and when Hunt won with his Diving Headbutt off the top, it seemed as though they both came out on top.

Rhino Wants To Gore, The Posse Are Sore

K Toomer is enjoying his time at Memphis Wrestling as he told my podcast recently.

But will he enjoy Rhino’s choice, a Hardcore match? Sho ’nuff…

The Posse had ‘Nice guys finish last’ shirts and if that wasn’t enough, they told Dustin Starr that they’ll mess with his hair, but not as bad as they’ll mess with his face.

Even when the Skimahorns came out to challenge, they don’t seem concerned, calling them ‘little man’ and as Memphis Wrestling reminded us of Kid Wrestling bleeding through his mask, there was a feeling that the Memphis Wrestling Tag Champs were taking the Memphis Wrestling Trios Champs a little lightly.

Could be a good tag team championship match, this one.
The Posse Are Taking This Team Too Lightly? Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

I reckon this could be an unexpected hot one.

The Hollywood Clique Are In The Main Event

They haven’t been around long and already they’re closing up the show. Finally, they caught up with Memphis Wrestling Saturday Night action, Dirty/Dangerous Diana Taylor is now a member and with overly emotional boss Jimmy Blaylock getting in Derrick The King’s face and getting jabby to make things happen, this faction is making an impression.

Sadly not in the ring though. We knew Derrick would bring Cassandra Golden to team against Van Viciousssssss and DDT, she is Diana’s nemesis lately.

Great matches between these two
Diana and Cassandra Have Tussled Before Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

And so it proved. Despite a nice Taylor Bulldog, answered by a Golden Sidewalk Slam, a brutal Van Viciousssssss back elbow and nasty jawing at the fans, thw Golden counter from a DDT to a DVD for the pin was a thing of beauty.

The Hollywood Clique are not off to the best of starts, but that’s the idea. Jimmy Blaylock is too emotionally fun to have smooth sailing and VV with DDT are great in the ring and the Memphis Wrestling fans hate ’em already.

I’m going to enjoy booing the Clique…

The Anthony Era Comes Good

Oh, it was a good Memphis Wrestling Saturday Morning programme. But the coming weeks are going to bring more discomfort to Memphis Vince – I mean Dustin, Dustin Starr. Even his hair didn’t look as bouffed this week, it looked flat, as the promotion he had such a hand in bringing back was stomped on by nasty wrestlers. He built it. They have come. And Memphis Wrestling will never be the same again.

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