Memphis Wrestling Internet Championship Shock!

Hang On, It Can’t Be…

Zicky Dice brought the announcement to Memphis Wrestling a few Saturday nights ago, so it seemed fitting that he was back to reveal the Memphis Wrestling Internet title belt. Now, when Dustin revealed the tag belts, I wasn’t massively keen and said so – he pushed back at that on social media and rightly so. Well, I’ve come round to his way of thinking. These belts are:



In the Championship Wrestling colours of red and blue

With a hot pink leather strap

I like it. And I liked this even more – the first Memphis Wrestling Internet champ would be crowned that night. In the Five Starr Five Way!

Yes, the Five Starr Five Way

This was a mouthwatering main event, 1 combatant arrived every 30 seconds and elimination rules applied, as Zicky told us from The Desk when it had started.

And those combatants?

Van Viciousssssss

EJ Sparkes – a very good talent to bring in

Johnny Dodson – nice to see you back

Uncle Mikey *

Swoll – my pick for the whole thing

*Mikey absent…

So What Happened?

Van and Swole had a tussle with Jimmy Blaylock’s cane, it somehow got wrapped around Swoll’s leg and then got wrapped around his throat. Not Jimmy’s fault, as he told me on my podcast.

When EJ entered, he targeted Van with an excellent Springboard Elbow, Dropkick and Atomic Drop, but VV will never be down for long, showing his power with a Military Press Slam/Dump.

Mikey was nowhere to be seen – an incident earlier was probably craving his attention – so Zicky Dice, who was at one end of the desk, said he would step in.

At the other end of The Desk? Derrick The King. Was he not more appropriate? Don’t worry, we ain’t seen the last of him in this programme.

Zicky did show some good moves, mind you, including a head scissors and DDT combo which was quality.

The finish was rather frenetic, EJ hit a Spinebuster on VV, which brought Jimmy to the apron, EJ smacked him, which allowed Derrick to make a difference with a Superkick to Van’s Hollywood face.

After Swoll dispatched a rather quiet Dodson, it was he and Zicky. See, I said Swoll was my pick to win the whole – oh, a Neckbreaker and Zicky is the Memphis Wrestling Internet Champion!


Zicky Dice
A Previous Memphis Wrestling Zicky Appearance Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Hang on, will Zicky be in Memphis Wrestling every month to defend the Internet Championship? Is he even a Memphis wrestler?

Ah, but you know what he is?

A big name. And that makes Memphis Wrestling look big and important, just as it should.

The Hollywood Clique Recruits

Jimmy Blaylock told me I’d be surprised who they had coming into the group. I was.

‘Cos it wasn’t a wrestler. It was Ray Ray (now just ‘Ray’) Sanders. Now the Hollywood Clique have a ref at their beck and call – he even has a smart new Clique coat. Will this be a wrestling ref like WWF ‘Dangerous’ Danny Davis? I sincerely hope not.

Whatever happens, the Hollywood Clique mean business. Who next; Maria Starr?

The Mike Anthony Era Begins

And it is a nasty laughing, brutalising era. In this defence Carlos Alexander Rios was the sad recipient of Anthony’s hospitality.

Mike Anthony Loves His Belt
Messy Mike Anthony Belt Pic Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

A Fallaway Slam then 2 German Suplexes, Vertical Suplex, in a slight to former champ Brett (‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’) Michaels perhaps, then his version of Gator Feet for the pin.

Quick, violent, nasty. And very entertaining. The Mike Anthony era has started very well…

The Posse Go Further

How far? Well, sort of kidnapping. The Skimahorns were facing Big Jack & Bruce, but Briar was accosted by MISTER Chris –


than grabbed by Simon and carted off to the back.

So that might be where Uncle Mikey was when he was announced for the Memphis Wrestling Five Starr Five Way, he went to find his cousin, which of course left his other cousin, Brad, to Jack & Bruce, who took pity on him and laid down for the pin

Of course not!

They took the pin with brutality and can thank the Memphis Wrestling tag Champs for it – the Skimahorns called out the Posse last week, but those champs seem to be doing what they want.

Rules? What are they – the implication is that Dustin Starr – Memphis Vince himself – should be instilling some control.

The Posse Flaut The Rules
The Posse Have Been Having Fun Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

It’s a great idea and rather delicious.

There Are New Starters

He’s a big dude, isn’t he? Cross had his eyes bulging out of his head – this stepping up to fight for your faction hasn’t been working for him – to confirm how impressive he was.

When you call yourself Big Trouble, you have to back it up. Ben Bishop, refreshingly billed as almost 7 feet tall, wasn’t even fazed by a crutch to the head. He hit a mean-looking Hammerlock Slam for the pin.

Bishop could mean Big Trouble for his roster colleagues…

And we had some backstage chat too! Mackenzie Morgan, making her Memphis Wrestling debut, asked the right questions of her wrestling guests and didn’t impose a big personality – sounds easy, but it’s hard to do.

But did Matt Williams, a former friend of ‘nap time to bell time’ Austin Lane, call her Melissa? If so, it’s ironic considering he wants people to know his name…

Zoo Rendezvous Report!

I wondered what this was like, well, the report showed just how Memphis Wrestling grapplers interact with their fans.

Brett Michaels and Big Swole Justin Cole, otherwise known as Memphis Muscle, the reason for which will become apparent as soon as you see them, appeared to dominate The Posse with double slams, a hugely delayed Vertical Suplex from Brett (go round the zoo, he’ll still be there) and a Swoll Slam for the big win.

Brett Michaels
Why Is Brett In A Team Called Memphis Muscle? Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

But it was Mike Anthony v Uncle Mikey which became interactive, as Mike jawed with the fans and then one held him whilst Mikey chopped hard.

Memphis Wrestling is warm, welcoming and very willing to entertain.

Those Naughty L.A Hustlers

Last time the grandstanding, rule-breaking tandem had their win reversed because the chain they had used to assist their win was discovered.

This week they faced Country Rock again and when Lamont just rubbed the sole of his shoe onto Chris Hayes’ head whilst he lay on the mat, it showed his arrogance. And I liked it.

But CR produced the best moves this week, a Hayes flying Clothesline out of the corner, a Matthews Suicide Dive on both Hustlers – he was so delighted with it, he even fist-bumped Dustin.

And Country Rock got the win. Or did they? Hang on, what’s this? A gold chain at their feet? They must have used it!

And so L.A Hustlers got the win. This team has some really good places to go.

Memphis Wrestling Took A Chance

They put the Internet Championship on Zicky Dice. That was a surprise. He wouldn’t be seen as a favourite for that. But it adds cachet and a sense of mystery to a new belt, just what we need.

And what else we need? A big dose of Memphis Wrestling, top-quality wrestling entertainment, week after week.

How many promotions can say that?

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