CCW Chaos : Why Ariel, Why?

The South American Alliance Are The Tag Team Champs CCW Wants

They’ve held them for close to a  year and repelled rough and tough teams, they have a hard-hitting high flyer with a masked Brazilian mauler who just grunts or howls. And they have Fonzie, yes from ECW and Florida and loads of other places; wonderful wrestling scion as their manager.

The CCW crowds love them and I’m rather fond too – they can brawl with the best and wrestle wonderfully too.

Hang On, Who Are They Facing?

Elevated Status


Well, ERA and Nova. I know, they haven’t been teaming in Coastal Championship Wrestling for long, but they are picking up wins and forcing things also works – smacking Levy up in the parking lot has piqued his interest in the team, shall we say.

The team are fast and fly around, but how will they cope with Ariel Levy’s brutality and the power from Vinicius?

Quite Well, Actually

It was at CCW Bash At The Brew 16 and the belts were held high above the ring. A ladder would be required…

Early on, Elevated Status – dig that arrogant/modest name – did something fine, isolated Vinicious on the outside and set about him, with a Dive and Moonsault too, but Levy got a vote of outside barbarity too, a nice closeup of him being launched into the ring steps…

The ladder was introduced by the South American Alliance, unsurprisingly, with Levy using the rungs to leap over the top ripe, unfortunately hitting both his opponents and his partner.

The big man has more success windmilling the ladder with his head through it – always looks slapstick – but there was nothing funny about ERA smacking the ladder into him.

And the match was so frenetic, Elevated Status set up a table in the ring but didn’t quite click one set of legs in, the CCW ref had to just hold it with his finger surreptitiously. Thankfully, Nova managed to put himself through a bloodied Levy and the table without the ref being under both items.

Elevated Status seemed to get used to this table-breaking lark, after a more conventional wrestling move, a Vinicious Powerbomb, ERA choked Levy first, then leapt to the outside through the big man and another table.

So the big man had a go himself. A Bulldog to Nova which sent Vinicius rather feet first through the wood – safer though.

The End Was Well Delivered

Fonzie decided to get involved, perhaps because the match was beginning to swing this way and that. He grabbed ERA’S head, choked him over the top rope but bounced him into the ladder which sent Levy flying.

That left the way clear for the belt grab.

And New…

Elevated Status looked surprised. For a second. Then they settled into their arrogance with the gold. 2 fans were very, very angry about this. They were about to become bereft…

And New...
A Tale Of Two Tag Teams Credit; CCW

Ariel, Nooooo….

What could Fonzie do? Apologise? Empathise? He seemed to try both. But Ariel Levy did not sympathise.

Which is perhaps why he took the following action. He roughed up Fonzie. Then he hit his CCW Tag Partner with such ferocity that the seat of the metal chair had Vinicius’ skull shape in it.

What a hit...
Why, Ariel?… Credit; CCW

This is over for SAA, isn’t it? They could have regrouped, perhaps look at a rematch clause for the CCW tag titles. Not now.

This has been brewing for a while. Ariel seems to have been tolerating the SAA situation. It hasn’t been brought out every week, this has simmered, brought on slowly.

It takes real heart and faith to turn a much-loved wrestler. CCW had the power to make that change.

The next few months could be delicious. And Vinicius…

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