John Cena: 10 Best Matches Of His Career

There are simply four words to describe John Cena; Greatest of All Time. Whether you like him or you hate him, cheer him or boo him, you can’t deny that he is the absolute greatest sports entertainer in WWE history. The man is a draw, a polarising figure who creates so much buzz from very little. He has done everything asked of him by Vince McMahon after first appearing with Ruthless Aggression in 2002. Nearly losing his job for his very ‘vanilla’ presentation, he became the Doctor of Thuganomics and his stock went through the roof.

Fans will get on him for his inability to wrestle because he doesn’t do 450 splashes and superkicks but Cena has had some absolute barn burners in his 20 years of professional wrestling. It does take two to tango and Cena has mixed it up with some of the best, creating nothing short of magic. Cena being a record-tying 16, count them; SIXTEEN, time world champion, the man has been in some scraps that even the most anti-John Cena fan would have to admit, warranted the appreciation.

Cena has obviously had more than ten incredible matches, so a little shout-out to his WWE title loss to RVD at One Night Stand 2006 and his title triple threat with Shawn Michaels and Triple H at Survivor Series 2009.

#10. John Cena vs Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins | WWE Championship Match | Royal Rumble 2015

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This match had everything; the wrecking machine champion, the up-and-coming main eventer and Mr. Money in the Bank, and the 15-time world champion desperate to get revenge and claim the record-tying 16th.

As much as Cena is a part of this match, it felt more like the emphasis was on Seth Rollins, inside the ring with two absolute icons, one being Brock who went on an absolute tear on both men and J&J Security. Seth hits a beautiful springboard knee on both men after Cena powers up Brock, still holding onto the Kimura lock. The match revolved around Cena and Rollins trying to keep Brock at bay but also trying to defeat the other, whilst Brock would come back in and assert his dominance. Brock would be the subject of torture by the other two men; three AA’s, a curb stomp, being thrown through the barricade, into the steel stairs, the steps bounced off his head, and Rollins putting him through the announce table with a frog splash.

Whilst the EMT’s would tend to Brock, the action between Seth and Cena was fluid, as expected, including a Shield bomb from Seth and J&J. Lesnar appears, taking two shots from the briefcase but picks Seth out of the air with an F5 for the win. Frantic, fun, and well fought. 

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