KNULL: A Character introduction To the God Of Symbiotes

KNULL is the god of symbiotes, your favorites like Venom, Carnage, and Toxin all answer to this god. Making his first Marvel Comics appearance in Thor: God Of Thunder #6 in March 2013 where his identity was revealed. His first full appearance wouldn’t happen for another five years in Venom vol. 4 #3 in August 2018. Created by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman this Elder God was created to explain the origins of the Symbiotes. So, how powerful is he? Let’s talk through it.


So who is the god of the SYMBIOTES? Knull is an eldritch god, born from the primordial void between the sixth and seven cosmos. Awakened when the Celestials invaded his kingdom of darkness, the first symbiote he created was a sword known as the all-black which he used to decapitate a Celestial. He would become a figure of divine terror and wage a war against light.

All Black Sword

So what is the All Black? It’s the first symbiote that was created by Knull but unlike Venom and Carnage, this symbiote takes the form of a sword. Also known as Necro Sword and Godslayer this sword is one of the most amazing weapons in the Marvel universe. The sword would be taken by Gorr the God Butcher after Knull died but that’s a different story for a different time.

KNULL made his first appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder #6

His Craziest Comic

Knull has had a few crazy comics but I would say the best one he’s featured in would have to be King of Black where Knull lead him and his symbiote army to an Invasion of the earth but not Venom. Who warns the Avengers that his creator would soon be coming to earth and he wouldn’t be coming alone, with thousands of his symbiote army by his side and the Necro Sword by his side Knull was ready to destroy the earth.

How Strong Is KNULL?

So how strong is Marvel Comics resident Symbiote maker? Knull is very strong he has murdered a celestial with a single swipe and has slaughtered armies of gods augmented with the Uni-Power. He effortlessly tore the sentry in half and claimed the void for fun. He is one of the strongest characters in Marvel and has proven it many times in shows and or in comics.

How Could He Debut In The MCU?

So how can Knull debut in the MCU? We’ll there’s a strong possibility he won’t I feel like he will debut in the Sonyverse. Which is a spin of the MCU that Sony has made with their characters aka Venom, Spiderman, Morbius, and others. Considering Venom was created by Knull in the comics I think if Sony wants to take a punt on him we might see him in Venom 3.

On the other hand, if Marvel and Sony can strike a deal to have Knull in a Marvel film then there’s a list of possibilities where he can debut. The most likely contender is the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder which is set to be released this year. Many fans are speculating an appearance from this Elder God but we won’t know until its release, which Marvel fans are excited for.

In conclusion, Knull is a monster and has been a threat to many superheroes in live-action and in the comics. He’s a villain who many a Marvel fan has been looking forward to debuting on the big screen cause we know that when he does debut it will have to be in an Avengers-level film.

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