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Memphis Wrestling : Who Put Out The Hit?

Well, Who Was It?

Big Jack and Duncan left Brett (‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’) Michaels lying after putting hin through a table. He was down and hurt.
Odd to see the big man left in that state.
Of course, Jack and Bruce didn’t just decide to do that, they were directed by their manager Money Mark.

And so cash has to have changed hands.

A hit.

But who?

Suspect 1: Mike Anthony

He’s the Memphis Wrestling Heritage Champ. He fears Brett, that much clear by him beating up 4 trainees to send a message to him last week.

But Brett has to work his way back up to contendership, hasn’t he? So why worry about him now?

And he has more to worry about – this week Zay Washington, one half of the Yung GOATS, took him close to the limit.
Zay hit a Powerbomb and a Moonsault for near falls, he was also turned turtle as Zay caught him with a Dropkick as he came off the top – well sold.

Zay works so hard.
Zay Washington Flies Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Mike caught Zay with the Genetic Dream/Gator Feet for the pin, but this excellent match showed that, as Memphis Wrestling’s top man, he has to look over his shoulder.

Mike and Zay
Mike Anthony Deals With Zay Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Suspect 2 : ZIcky Dice

Hardly, the Memphis Wrestling Internet champ now has another one, the Championship Wrestling Heritage Title. He has no shoulders for another.

Zicky Dice
Zicky Is Busy Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

And he perhaps has Ryan Rembrandt to tackle for the Internet title next. That would be a tasty match, both can go and both can delight in the squared circle.

Suspect 3:  Austin Lane

The Best Of The Best is an outsider. He has other issues to deal with, from nap time to supper time, his former friend, the one who wants us to remember his name, Matt Whatshisname.

This week, he was outnumbered by Matt and Meklakov (such a great name for a cop show – he’s a tough Russian KGB agent, he’s a slovenly LAPD detective, somehow they’re gonna have to get along…that concept has perhaps had its time).

The 2 on 1 attack is equalled by Trace Hunt, Mr US himself, so maybe there’s a Memphis Wrestling alliance forming.

2 on 1 attack on Lane
Matt & Meklakov Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Anyway, Austin is too stand up a guy to take a short cut to the Memphis Wrestling Heritage championship picture.

Suspect 4 : Madds Krugger

The South African mercenary would surely be the one doing the atracking, not paying for it.

And this week, he interrupted the first match, Carlos Alexander Rios v Gio Savage, to deliver a double Chokeslam and nasty-looking Full Nelson Faceplant on Rios.

Rios And Savage Go For The Krugger Ride Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

What does he want in Memphis Wrestling? Whatever it is, I don’t know; he spoke this week, but I only heard the words ‘Memphis Wrestling’ – there were calls for Toomer and I can’t wait for those 2 to tussle.
Dustin Starr has come up trumps with a guest again.

Suspect 5 : The Hollywood Clique

They have the money to throw around, tjey even have a referee in their group, Ray Ray, now just Ray, Sanders. And Van Viciousssssss does want a title to go with his movie work.

The Hollywood Clique
Ray, Just Ray, Sanders Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

So it could be, but Jimmy Blaylock might not have been able to keep it to himself if they had something big going on, he’s pretty garrulous.

And anyway, as was shown this week when Dirty Diana Taylor went down  to a Memphis Wrestling debuting Nyxx, the Godess Of The Night.

Good match this, with good moves including a sweet Taylor Bulldog.

DDT v Nyxx
DDT In Action Five Starr Fan Cam @fredstyle88

Of course, Jimmy was involved, but so was the perennial thorn in their side Derrick, who arrived after DDT had hit her DDT and distracted so that Nyxx could plant DDT with a DDT of her own, leg thrown back and slid through to boot.

The Clique need a few wins, that’s for sure.

Suspect 6 : Uncle Mikey

Where is he when cousin Briar Skimahorn needs him?

Last week the Posse brought him out in chains but Mikey was focused on his Memphis Wrestling Internet championship match.

This week Briar popped out of a Posse car trunk into the path of the LA Hustlers’ jeep who decide, as expected, that they didn’t see anything.

This is an odd angle, brave really, which I hope is going somewhere. 

Could this be a Mikey turn? If it is, it’s big.

Suspect 7 : Big Swole Justin Cole

Hang on, hear me out. Justin Cole should be a Memphis Wrestling champion by now. He’s had chances, but always come up short either by his own issues, or by no fault of his own.

And he’s been honest about it in interviews.  Like the one this week. He went back through the failures and ended the interview with this;

‘There’s only so much one man can take…’

Imagine if he put out the hit. Sure, he can hang with Brett Michaels, but having plausible deniability? That’s preservation.

A Big Swole turn? That really would be huge.

So Who Did It?

Memphis Wrestling will make us wait. And why not? They have created something marvellous. As usual…

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