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KiLynn King The Great Reigns Supeme In CCW!

Look At That Dried Blood!

On Kilynn King’s face. The CCW Women’s champ had just come off a match with Marina Tucker, a really fine and rather brutal cage match, which CCW showcased a couple of weeks ago – check this action out;

Cage Match Chaos.
Credit ; CCW

She didn’t even get chance to catch her breath. The blood was still drying on her face when she was doorstepped by Christi Jaynes, a tough contender herself, who admitted King was one in CCW, she may be considered a queen and those turn heads.

King has a bullseye on her back. Jaynes has a full quiver of arrows.

King Has Been Peerless In CCW

She’s tough to fight against, is KiLynn King, she has a rangy attack, those long levers, you’ll need to get right up to her, in close, perhaps shipping punishment as you go.

And KiLynn doesn’t mind getting tough either. The blood, worn as a badge of courage perhaps, quite right too.

She’s been CCW Women’s champ for most of the year and has defended it regularly and with varied opponents like Miranda Gordy, Trish Adora and Jamie Senegal; King may have come up short in an NWA Women’s Title match against Kamille, but her reign in CCW is impressive.

Just One Match Needed, Then?

When it’s King v Jaynes, yes. King had a good go at taking control after Jaynes had the temerity to slap the champ and suffered a Huracanrana in return.

King even squatted for a count of 10 (actually 15, according to CCW) with Jaynes in the Vertical Suplex position. And then when Jaynes was caught coming in, rather than a Draping DDT or Neckbreaker, she just drove her face into the mat – painful.

Very delayed vertical suplex...
Credit; CCW

Don’t count Jaynes out though – I said don’t! Why? That’ll be a Legdrop on the apron, you see, but this isn’t the best of it. That would be a Leg Scissors which Jaynes uses to turn into a nasty Dragon Sleeper.

And Jaynes had the chance to cover, even after a ripping King Backfist, she had the champ down from a Spinning Kick but chose to go up to the top. Slowly. Drinking in the boos.

Big Kick...
Credit; CCW

Who’d have thunk it? Here’s King, with a rather innovative move. Commentary called it a Superhiptoss and that was right, it looked wrong and right at the same time, but it was effective.

The End…

Jaynes wasn’t put out by that top rope move, nor by a huge Spinning Suplex which nevertheless racked up a 2 count.

King Cutter.
Credit; CCW

The end was correct. It could have gone either way. And so, as they shared covers, the CCW website put it better than I could;

‘From there, a great mat wrestling sequence ensued, with both women scoring near falls and referee Amy Veronica scrambling to count all the near falls.’

King hit a fine-looking Cutter and kept her composure, tying Jaynes up after she missed a clothesline and rolling through to retain.

The Finish To The Match.
Credit; CCW

Good Then?

Why; yes.

Tight work, competitive matchup, no huge high spots, everything matched and everything meant something. That’s how wrestling should be.

As Coastal Championship Wrestling said;

‘The matchup of the Brazilian Wonder Woman and The Mother Effin’ King had something for everyone. Technical wrestling, a bit of brawling, stiff striking, high flying and a somewhat unexpected finish.’

That’s CCW. Frequently breathtaking wrestling which doesn’t have to use 2 or 3 matches to please us and King’s matches are often the highlights they deliver. She’s an incredibly strong champion, she doesn’t hide and never needs to, from what I’ve seen, she’s as strong as Kamille or Jade Cargill and probably better.

Big statement. Big talent.

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