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Cristiano Ronaldo Wants Out Of Manchester United … Or Does He?

Oh, it is hard to be a Man Utd fan these days! It might only feel like yesterday that the GOAT returned to the place that made him a household name, but Cristiano Ronaldo is already looking for greener pastures.

As first reported by the always reliable Fabrizio Romano on the 2nd of July, Ronaldo has asked Manchester United to strongly consider any realistic offers for him, with his agent Jorge Mendes reportedly in talks with clubs already. Whilst the United hierarchy, including new boss Eric Ten Hag, have stated that they do not want to lose their top goal scorer, sources have stated that the 37-year-old has told the higher-ups that whilst he supports the new manager’s vision, with the lack of activity in the transfer market so far he doesn’t see the team challenging for Top 4 whilst other teams are signing the likes of Erling Haaland for Manchester City and Darwin Núñez for Liverpool.

After being the sole reason for United finishing in the top 6 in what has been a piss poor season all around, do we United fans really have to start prepping for the 22/23 season without our top goal scorer? or is there more to come?

Now might be time to put that tin foil hat on but I believe there is more at play here, and we don’t have to look much further than last summer!

Cristiano Ronaldo has asked Manchester United to accept viable options as he grows more unhappy with  United's current lack of ambition
Cristiano Ronaldo has asked Manchester United to accept viable options as he grows more unhappy with United’s current lack of ambition | Credit; Football Espana

Cristiano Ronaldo and His Journey Back To United.

As the transfer window was in full swing, Ronaldo was looking to leave Juventus and was entertaining all offers from teams… including Machester City. Now any United fan or even a Ronaldo fan would know that there would be nothing in god’s green earth that would allow this to happen. Even if Jorge Mendez had managed to get a deal on the table, Sir Alex Ferguson himself would have kicked the doors of the Emirates down himself and dragged Cristiano out of there himself.

So when this proposal was announced, United had no other choice but to sign CR7 again, despite not being the original plan and already getting our men in Sancho and Varane. Was this Mendes’ plan all along?

Credit; Insider

Cut to this transfer window. whilst we have been chasing Frenkie De Jong from Barce- seriously where are they finding the money for players-lona, our rivals have snapped up some amazing players whilst we are still stuck with Fred, Mctominay, and Harry Maquire ( Gulp!). So what if Jorge Mendez is up to his shenanigans again to encourage the board to actually start buying players? If this sounds like the hopeful wishes of a lifelong United fan, who was there for Ronaldo’s debut all the way back in 2003, you are right. But, shortly after rumors of Ronaldo’s unhappiness with the board, we were linked with hijacking Lyon’s deal with Tyrell Malacia and Arsenal’s bid for Lisandro Martinez. Coincidence?

All joking aside, whilst this is just speculation, we will have to wait until the outcome of the emergency meeting set to take place on Monday 4th of July between Ronaldo and the board, but I am hopeful that we have not seen the end of Cristiano Ronaldo at Old Trafford… No matter how much Piers Morgan wants him at Arsenal!

What do you think? Is this the end of the road for Ronaldo and Manchester United or do you think that he is trying to light a fire under the arse of the United board and the Glazers? Fingers crossed we have him this season saving our ass from finishing in the Europa League spot again… otherwise, it’s going to be another long season!

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