Money In The Bank Disappoints in Las Vegas

Money In The Bank is back and the event came to you from Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. This show actually ended about an hour before the start of UFC 276, which means the run time was short. And honestly thank the Lord for that, despite some good moments and a short run-time along with appearances from Asuka, Seth Rollins, Bianca Belair, and Becky Lynch it didn’t quite hit the heights of previous years.

WWE and this event really suffered from the injury to Cody Rhodes and the absence of Roman Reigns, on top of that the women’s division is missing Sasha Banks and Naomi, who had every right to walk out of the company. With more injuries and the lack of really great woman wrestlers being showcased, this feels more like a nothing event from the late 2000s.

Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match

The women normally knock it out of the park every time but this was messy. No one really feels special anymore, their entrance music all feels so generic, and the crowd, oh the crowd. With pipped-in crowd noise, the crowd in attendance didn’t look that enthralled in this match. This is far below what the women can do and what we normally get from them. But the right person won.

Winner: Liv Morgan

Rating: ⭐⭐

Liv Morgan won the women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Credit; WWE

The Rest Of The Card Was Also Very Up And Down

Now on to the rest of the card. Austin Theory Vs Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship [⭐⭐] was an ok match. Lashley won which would indicate that John Cena won’t be back to face Theory at SummerSlam. Bobby Lashley looked like a beast as always and I really hope this leads to something good for him.

Carmella Vs Bianca Belair for the RAW Women’s Championship [⭐⭐⭐.5] was the sleeper hit of the night and the best traditional match on the card. Bianca and Carmella have such great chemistry, it was a short match but was fun and fast-paced. Carmella is becoming the girl to go to when you need a spot filled and she is greatly underrated. Bianca Belair retained her championship.

The Usos Vs Street Profits for the Undisputed Tag Team Championship [⭐⭐⭐] was a good tag team match which isn’t surprising considering the talent on show here. Personally, I did feel like it dragged on in places, especially as the match came to its conclusion. Sometimes less is more and as expected The Usos retained.

A vignette was shown that seems to suggest Edge will be back soon.

Credit; WWE

Natalya Vs Ronda Rousey for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

Natalya is here representing the Hart family, her gear is stunning and she even gave her sunglasses to a child in the audience. On the birthday of her uncle Bret Hart it seemed like this would be the perfect moment for The Queen of Harts to win her second SmackDown Women’s Championship. But hey, remember kids ‘Bret Screwed Bret’ and the Hart family can’t have nice things.

Ronda Rousey will need to up her game against the veteran Natalya. People think Rousey is badass but Natalya is a Hart and they can take a beating, which is proven throughout this match. It also helps that Natalya is a fantastic seller. Ronda is blown up in this match, half of what she locks in doesn’t look great. Natalya saves this match from being another huge failure in Rousey’s WWE career.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Liv Morgan cashed in her Money In The Bank briefcase on Ronda Rousey, winning via roll-up. I personally would have preferred Liv to have hit her finisher for the win, make it more of a moment, but what do I know, I am just a fan.

I love Liv Morgan, she is incredible inside the ring, she is likable and such a sweetheart. In saying that this felt like a cheap pop, it’s a great moment for Liv Morgan but I am sick of the women not holding the Money In The Bank briefcase for longer than 24 hours. This worries me leading into SummerSlam as the last thing I want, and Liv’s fans want, is Morgan to be fed to someone who isn’t as good as her in the ring.

Liv Morgan cashed in her Money In The Bank briefcase to beat Ronda Rousey for the Smackdown Women's Championship
Credit; WWE

Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match

The wrong person won here. And Omos brought the whole quality of the match down. He is slow and clunky, he has no charisma and for some reason, WWE keeps trying to make him a thing. The Superstars picked for this match seem odd too, no high flyers, no real young new talent that would do well in this match. Riddick Moss is there but as of right now they have stripped him of everything that made him endearing.

Despite all of this the match actually got better as it went on. The plus side to this match was seeing the growth of Riddle. He seems to be the saving grace of this match, his homage to Randy Orton was fun and one of the best sequences of the match. Orton’s moveset actually really suits Riddle and his style and you can see how much he has learned from teaming with The Viper.

Sheamus & McIntyre continued their 20-year blood feud while Seth Rollins & Sami Zayn were there to be the veterans of the ladder match. A SuperUltraRKO from the top of the ladder to Rollins was a fantastic moment. Seth Vs Riddle should be the feud coming out of this while they wait for Randy and Cody to come back. They work really well together and need something while their partner/rivals are out injured.

Storywise Seth Rollins or Sammi Zayn would have made more sense but we ended with Austin Theory, or just Theory, grabbing the briefcase while the crowd booed and got the hell out of the arena.

Winner: Austin Theory

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

20220702 MITB TheoryWin eed30537d79ec3e15475215e1243aac9
Credit; WWE

Overall: 17.5 Stars out of 30

Average: 2.91

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