Reinventing The Steel Again? Marvelous Metallers Pantera Are Back! Maybe…

Is This News? Well, it’s been 29 years since Pantera last did it and Billboard reported it so it seems big and serious.

But hang on, that report noted that Pantera had signed with Artist Group International to book the tour, quoting agent Peter Pappalardo as saying;

‘We are thrilled to be working with such an iconic band and bringing their music back to the fans…’

but Loudwire reported;

‘At of this posting, the band itself has not confirmed the report that says Pantera has signed with Artist Group International to book their first live shows in over 20 years.’

What’s Going On With Pantera?

Well, we don’t know. Is Pantera testing the water? Are they still thinking?

Who could blame them? It’s not as if they can do this from a chaise longue, this is high-intensity, molten Rock, as Billboard said;

‘Pantera is one of the most successful and influential bands in heavy metal history, combining elements of hardcore and thrash to create a menacing sound that many acts have tried to replicate.’

they say Pantera is. No, they were. More of that in a minute, but coming back from a lack of activity is like starting a mile behind the start line, there are people’s expectations and cynicism to overcome first.

And sadness…

Pantera will be without Dimebag Darrell after his tragic passing
Credit; Musicoholics

Dimebag Darrell

Dimebag was taken from us all whilst onstage in 2004 and anyone stepping into his position will be surely thinking twice.

There were rumors and prognostications about Zakk Wylde, you know, of both Ozzy Osbourne in the past and Black Label Society in the present (their new album is fabulous) and he might have been a good fit, his playing heavy as an energy bill but linking back to the Classic Rock they were both steeped in.

He won’t be there and that’s understandable. And who else will be there? Apparently vocalist Phil Anselmo told Paolo Baron’s podcast that he and bassist Rex Brown had been discussing a reunion tour for a while, but coming back for a reunion is fraught with difficulty.

‘Nostalgia Is A Dirty Liar That Insists Things Were Better Than They Seemed’

Don’t know who said it but I reckon they’re right. And that isn’t even denigrating nostalgia, this is just not surprising; our past seems better to us. Why?

A. We were younger.

B. More seemed possible.

that’s not the way it was for everyone of course, but this is how it is for so many of us. And why not? In this warming up world of wars and weeping, spending some time in the arms of comfort.

After all, even Rage Against The Machine are back live, ‘Killing In The Name Of’ as a singalong, the video of a burning Police vehicle seeming like agitprop design – and that’s not to denigrate their reappearance either.

But is touring with no new music capitulation? Does it show they’ve accepted they can’t really move forward? The Pantera people have produced fine work after that band, so does this just step back.

And is it an acceptance of the business and machinations that the music often fights against? Well, the music is out there, so labels and/or distribution are involved.

Perhaps Rex Brown, reported in Metal Injection, summed up one of the issues;

‘Offers still come in for Philip and I to do it if we wanted to, but if you don’t have the other guys in the band it’s not going to sound the same. If we were ever to do something like that it would have to be spot on, or I wouldn’t do it. It would be a tribute.’

this is something that needs serious thought…

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