CCW: Coastal Championship Wrestling Ambulance Chasers?

Nee Naa Nee Naa…

Or Whoooooo Whooooo if you’re in the US. No, not Ric Flair, the sound of an ambulance siren. Because that’s what we had for CCW Alive this week…

An Ambulance Match

Now, Ambulance Matches can be stymied, restrained. Because, after all, there’s an ambulance, you need to put your opponent in it and slam the door to win and, well, you’ve bothered to put an ambulance at ringside, so it should be referred to…

It rather concentrates the mind.

CCW Did It Differently

CCW didn’t concentrate on the ambulance. Try not to think about the elephant, try not to think about the elephant…

It’s tough, but they did it by concentrating on wrestling. That old thing…

Champ Cha Cha Charlie may be announced whilst on top of the meat wagon strumming a guitar, but as soon as announcements were over – Catena in an ill-advised cut off T – Charlie hit a Slingblade, Spinebuster and signature Frog Splash with hat on (it’s a Cha Cha thing) for the pin.

Early Action.
Credit; CCW

Ooh no, you’ll have to get him to the loading deck in the brewing company building, open the door and…you get the gist.

Advertisement Break!

And things had jumped up a notch when we returned. A Catena Coast To Coast with a trashcan onto what looksed like broken glass.

This was shaping up nicely.

Coast To Coast
Credit; CCW

Cha Cha then decided to play a tune on Catena’s bonce, the guitar not rigged – ouch – but filled with powder. Odd. And the billowing powder was all over the place, hard to see through it – who puts powder in a guitar?

6am – Alarm
6.30am – Streches
7.00am Put powder in an acoustic guitar

Nice morning ritual…

And after a nasty-looking Clothesline took them both over the top rope, it was ambulance time.

Or actually, that much higher truck parked next to it.

That’s The Way To Do It

Catena seemingly thought being on top of the big truck was a place of safety.


Cha Cha of course followed him up and what followed was beautifully handled.

It was a Cha Cha bulldog off the top of the truck to the floor. Sounds amazing. Looked good. But we’ve seen so many excellent moves which ended in a fall onto boxes and mats, making watchers forget the move and concentrate on the landing.

CCW solved it. The truck was parked against the backstage area so there was a curtain. They went off the back of the truck. The crowd enjoyed it. The live commentary filled in the gaps – ‘Cha Cha is getting up’ etc and the crowd did the rest.

That High Spot...
Credit; CCW

No disappointment. And when the two combatants were brought out, both between supporting arms, that seemed so much more possible

The Finish

Did Catena beckon Charlie into the ring? He can barely stand!

This after the match was called a draw and some knee jerk boos. But really, in an Ambulance Match, the rules aren’t so bothersome, are they?

After a Catena much used wrestling spot of a chair- rebounding-from-top-rope-to-face-spot, he was quickly on the outside again and choking Cha Cha with an electrical cable among the seats.

Of course, the ambulance was used for the end. Catena on a table. Cha Cha up top. Frog splash through Catena and the table. Door open. The CCW Champ gave his opponent his hat – isn’t that Cha Cha’s hat of power? Slammed the door.

And it was over.

The Finish.
Credit; CCW

Good Match

Oh yes. Because CCW didn’t make it about an ambulance. It was about anger. And enmity. And wrestling moves. With a massive, well-done high spot.

The Absolute End.
Credit; CCW

Ambulance Chasers? Not CCW…

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