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SDCC 2022: Marvel Unveils Upcoming Disney Plus Shows

So let’s talk about Marvel at SDCC 2022, or San Diago Comic Con for those who don’t know.

Marvel is always one of the most anticipated parts of SDCC with their panel/room being packed out every year. There are many projects set to be teased at SDCC 2022 and the future of Marvel and the multiverse is looking bright. Today we look at the animated and CGI offerings from Marvel Studios and Disney Plus while we wait to hear were the MCU will go next.

What projects are set for the next few years? Let’s talk it through.

‘I AM GROOT’ Is A New Series Of Shorts

This was the first bit of content previewed by Marvel at SDCC, a series of 5 shorts including everyone’s favorite green superhero what?

Just mine, whatever.

We find our Tree on a planet of smaller aliens who originally attack him but after a piece of GROOT falls off that the aliens eat, GROOT is seen as king. This is something we’ll definitely explore more in this short series

i am groot poster
Groot will get his own series of shorts entitled ‘I Am Groot’ | Credit; Marvel

WHAT IF? Returns For Season 2

After the very successful first season of the hit animated series, What If is back for another season. With stories such as Odin vs the Mandarin, a story based on Hela, Captain Carter meeting the winter soldier and more fans can definitely feel like they’ll be getting their fair share of Multiversal trips.

Marvel Zombies Is A What If? Spin Off

So this is a pretty iconic Marvel story, which we only got to see for a little bit in season one of What If, but it feels like this incarnation of the undead side of Marvel’s best heroes and villains will be its own standalone show. With such characters as Zombie Doctor Strange, Zombie Ikaris, Zombie Wanda and more it seems like Zombies will run wild on Marvel. Our heroes include Shang Chi, Kate Bishop, Yelena Belova among others so here’s hoping they can stop everyone from getting Zombified.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year

A new take on everyone’s favourite web slinger, this Disney Plus show shows Spider-Man during his freshman year. The show will have 5 different Spider-Man suits which means we’ll be seeing lots of variety with Peter Parker, as he fights such villains such as Rhino, Tarantula, and Scorpion while also trying to be a normal Freshman. Getting through school life can be hard enough without having plenty of people going after ur head. We will have to wait a while cause Freshman Year doesn’t release until 2024 but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

X-MEN ’97

Screen Shot 2021 11 12 at 9.25.46 AM
X-Men ’97Brings Us All Back To Our Childhood | Credit; Marvel

We’re going back in time baby, to when there was no such thing as a Dark Phoenix. Jesus that was bad, anyways we’re going back to be with our favourite mutants again. Some things have changed but we will get to see some of our fan favirotes including Magneto as the leader, Cyclops, and Wolverine.

A season 2 has already been greenlit for this amazing team of heroes, which means the team behind season one must be fairly confident it will be a success. Magneto as the leader is a bold move with him being the bad guy in many X-Men films but with this new take on the character Marvel and X-Men fans alike can be very excited for the future.

What Am I Most Excited For Coming Out Of SDCC 2022?

So what am I most excited for? We’ll I would have to choose What If? season 2. If it’s anything like season one then it’s going to be amazing. With positive reviews already flooding in for the episode crowds at SDCC 2022 got to watch, we can expect the amazing team behind season 2 will make it worth the watch.

I am very excited to see if they follow up on the post credit scene from the final episode of season one where Captain Carter sees Steve in the Hulk Buster Armour. I feel like it could also be a interesting route to go down if he became the Winter Soldier but that wouldn’t make sense, so let’s see how Marvel make season 2 as good as season one.

What Am I Least Excited For Coming Out Of SDCC 2022?

I would say I’m least excited for I Am Groot, nothing against the wee green guy but I just feel like it’s the least important to the wider spectrum of the MCU. As much as I know it’s a comedy show I just don’t think I’ll be paying as much attention to it as the other shows that have been announced. I’ll still watch it but it won’t be one I’ll be binging week in and week out

So with such shows as Spider-Man: Freshman Year, X-Men ’97, and Marvel Zombies already announced, along with trailers for upcoming films still to come at SDCC 2022 this might be a special time to be a Marvel fan. It’s time to get excited for the future of the MCU and see how our favourite superheroes and villains futures will play out.

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