10 Most Brutal Deaths In The MCU…So Far

The MCU, also known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has been one of the most popular series of films over the last 15 years. As we progress through Phase Four with a combination of movies and limited series on Disney + we felt that here at Lace ‘Em Up it was time to look at the most brutal and heartbreaking deaths in the MCU.

#10. LOKI | Avengers: Infinity War

loki avengers infinity war

He died a hero, in the first part of Avengers: Infinity War at the hands of Thanos. After killing a handful of Asgardians, Loki tries to take a literal stab at killing Thanos, which doesn’t go well as Thanos blocks the shot. He grabs Loki around the throat and chokes the life out of him. With Loki looking at his brother Thor and his final words “you’ll never be a god” he dies and Thanos throws his lifeless body to the ground.

#9. MARIA & HOWARD STARK | Captain America: Civil War

howard maria stark

In Captain America: Civil War we find out what really happened to Iron Man’s parents. It had been previously stated that they had died when Tony was young, a video clip which Tony finds when with Captin America gives him the answers he needs. It shows Cap’s best friend, Bucky Barns who was believed to be dead, now known as the Winter Solider hunted down Tony’s parents in a car chase and brutally murdered them. It is later revealed that he was hypnotized and has no recollection of the event. This was one of the many moments that lead to the split between the Avengers in the film.

#8. QUICKSILVER | Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Marvel Quicksilver

He started as a villain and died an Avenger. Quicksilver was too quick for his own good in the final battle in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. While the other Avengers were battling Loki and the Chituari, Hawkeye was getting shot at while staying on the ground with civilians, Quicksilver noticed and went to shield Hawkeye and the kid he was protecting. It was soon revealed that all the shots went straight through Quicksilver. There was time for one more joke as Quicksilver says to Clint that he never saw that coming before falling to the ground bloodied and filled with holes.

#7. NICO | Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Screen Shot 2021 04 10 at 9.36.02 AM

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier which came to us on Disney + was a great show even though it had problems it did its job. The main villain of the show is John Walker who was absolutely brutal and not afraid of some bloodshed. One of the scenes where he showed this was when after the death of his friend Lemar at the hands of the Flag Smashers. John hunts down the innocent member of the group and bludgeons him with his shield while people around video. The poignant scene is made more intense as you know Captain America would’ve never done something like this.

#6. IRON MAN | Avengers: Endgame

He proved Cap wrong, in the final battle of Avengers: Endgame. Thanos is about to snap the gauntlet again when he realizes the Stones are no longer in his possession. With his final breath, Tony Stark harnesses the power of the stones and snaps erasing the villain and his crew from reality, one of the sadder if not the saddest death on this list is his final goodbyes to protege Peter Parker aka Spiderman and his wife Pepper Potts is enough to make anyone cry. A true icon and the first hero of the MCU went out how he was destined to, protecting the people he loved the most.

#5. CAPTAIN CARTER | Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Hayley Atwell Captain Carter

One of the many brutal deaths from the Illuminati during Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness comes in the form of another version of Peggy Carter. This one is a huge fear of mine so let’s talk about it, while Wanda is flighting the Illuminati, Captain Carter as one of the last surviving members throws her Shield at Wanda only for Wanda to catch it and chuck it back at the variant. It slices Captain Carter in half from the chest and in the film, if you slow it down you can see her body go two different ways.

#4. THANOS | Avengers: Endgame


A callback to Infinity War which cost the Avengers everything. The heroes find Thanos and they find out that the mad titan has destroyed the stones. Thor slices off Thanos’s head he realizes that even with what he has done it will not bring back the people he’s lost. Thor saying he went for the head with a hopeless voice proves the sentiment that all hope was lost.

#3. KAMAR TAJ LIBRARIAN | Doctor Strange


Let’s take it back to the first Doctor Strange film, the one that introduced everyone’s favorite magic-user. We find out how brutal the main villain Kaecillius can be when he gets his corrupted magic users to tie up the Kamar Taj Librarian and then chops off the Librarian’s head into a bucket. Proving they will do anything to be the world’s best Sorcerer.

#2. AUNT MAY | Spiderman: No Way Home

aunt may dies spider man no way home 1638824736578

In one of the many heartbreaking scenes in Spiderman: No Way Home, this one hits very hard, as Green Goblin throws a pumpkin bomb at Peter. He catches it but it still explodes causing May to get cut in her chest, as she falls to the ground and says her final words to Peter tears in his and my eyes. She recites what Uncle Ben said to the past two Peters that “with great power comes great responsibility” as she takes her final breath.

#1. BLACK BOLT | Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

black bolt doctor strange 2 illuminati

So we talked about how disgusting Captain Carter’s death was but this one was rough. When The Illuminati first try to talk down Wanda it doesn’t go well so the apparent smartest man alive Reed Richards tells Wanda that Black Bolt can kill her with one whisper from his mouth. Which Wanda replied with what mouth? Closing Bolt’s mouth and forcing him to whisper inside his own head.

This causes his head to literally turn to mush as you hear his screams from inside his head. This one is the worst because Bolt knows there’s no coming back after his mouth was closed and his fate was sealed. This proved to everyone in the crowd and the Illuminati how much of a threat Wanda really is.