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A wise man once said, tattoos are the most addictive things in the world, that was my friend George who also writes here at ‘Lace Em Up. I am hoping to lose my virginity.. with tattoos by the end of the year so let’s talk through what tattoos I will be getting and what they mean to me. Tattoos include Spider-Man, space, YuGiOh, and more.

Embrace Your Geeky Side

Spider-Man is my superhero, someone who was a normal human, and then because of a spider bite, he becomes a superhero. I have always looked up to Spider-Man and have great core memories as a kid when life was simpler watching Tobey Maguire on my TV. So as much as this is a tattoo based on my love for Marvel it’s also a tattoo of the character that made my childhood and saved my life when I was at my lowest.

The Nine Realms was first introduced to me in Thor and has always been something I’ve been very interested in. As someone who believes in the multiverse theory and loves how the nine realms were Marvel’s first introduction to the multiverse. It means so much to me to get this tattoo as it covers many parts of my life Marvel and Space, two things I’ve fallen completely in love with. Nine Realms include Asgard, Jotunheim, Midgard, and more with Midgard being Norse mythology’s version of earth.

yu gi oh tcg yugi art

YuGiOh was another show that shaped my childhood, it’s an iconic show I loved everything about it. From the monsters to the characters and especially the Dark Magician which I think will be the inspiration behind the tattoo, it will either be a tattoo of the dark magician or a collection of monsters with their respective owners. This is another show that younger Damien loved and one older Damien will cement in his body forever. The duality of man as they say.

And Also Show The Things You Enjoy

Not a NASA tattoo, a space tattoo I’ve fallen in love with space over the past few years. With all the photos of black holes, new galaxies, and earth-like planets has kept the space kid in me excited. Because I’ve dedicated the last few years to researching the universe, it’s only right I get a space tattoo to show off my adoration and love for the cosmos.

Sometimes There Is Nothing Wrong With A Villian

So we’ve talked about good guys in Marvel but how about the villains?

Well, that’s where this tattoo comes in, villains such as Green Goblin, Doc Oct, and Venom, amongst others are the iconic villains that you hated when you were a kid but loved and respected when you got older. That’s the case for me as I’m hoping to get a sleeve on one of my arm’s showcasing the villains of Marvel Comics. This tattoo would be my showcase tattoo and the one I’d love to show off the most as I definitely feel like it will be the coolest-looking of them all. It would be a great addition to what I hope will be an already great list of tattoos across my body.

Credit; Marvel Comics

Tattoos Can Be Inspired By The Ones We Love

A couple of years ago I lost my granny to Cancer, and she was bloody everything to me, one of the most genuine, amazing, kind, and good-souled people who shaped me into the man I am. The best way to remember her in my opinion is to get a tattoo.

So this tattoo of angel wings with her date of birth above them is a perfect tribute because that is what she was, an absolute angel. I miss her every day but I hope I am making her proud. Love you granny you mean the universe to me.

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