SummerSlam 2022 Comes To Nashville: Lace ‘Em Up Predictions

SummerSlam 2022 is here, a month early so we are all feeling a little off kilter, but nevertheless, here we are and are ready to predict the biggest party of the summer. This will be the first Premium Live Event without Vice McMohn in charge of WWE and it will have a lot to live up to. We know this Stephanie and Papa H are now in charge and if the booking goes the way of the old Black and Gold brand then we are on for a treat.

Let’s head to Nashville. We have predictions from Bam, Craig, Damien Craig, George, Griffin, Riley, and our special guest WrestlingJebus.

Riddle Vs Seth Rollins was scheduled for this year’s SummerSlam, but it seems that this match will not be going ahead after the vicious attack on Riddle by Rollins. Hopefully, Rollins will still be at the event as his matches are always some of the most hotly anticipated and best of the night.

So who does the Lace ‘Em Up Team expect to win each match? and who will win the first predictions race of the year?

Happy Corbin Vs Pat McAfee

20220708 SSlam Match McAfeeCorbin FC Tonight 11b2d10ee6cb4219f7ce7860885f7931
Credit; WWE

Bam: Pat McAfee

Craig: Happy Corbin

Damien Craig: Pat McAfee

George: Pat McAfee

Griffin: Pat McAfee

Riley: Pat McAfee

WrestlingJebus: Pat McAfee

It seems that the team, well almost, is all in agreement when it comes to this match. Happy Corbin and Pat McAfee have a lot of history and we know that the former punter for the Indiana Colts can go inside the ring. This should be a fun match and if placed correctly on the card will be the thing that rejuvenates the feel of the night.

No Disqualification Tag Team Match | The Mysterios Vs The Judgment Day

20220725 SSlam Match MysterioJudgementDay FC Tonight 711d9b0d830b8be7f7d67d8bb70fc5d6
Credit; WWE

Bam: Judgment Day

Craig: Judgment Day

Damien Craig: Judgment Day

George: Judgment Day

Griffin: Mysterios

Riley: Judgment Day

WrestlingJebus: Judgment Day [Dominick turns on Rey]

Well, it looks like the team thinks this will be the night for The Judgment Day, apart from one and who doesn’t want a big babyface win? Well, apparently most of our team this SummerSlam weekend. We want The Judgment Day to come out victorious and establish themselves as the real big bad of the RAW roster. Plus we are heading to TV-14 so let’s make this a big win and with it being No DQ I personally wanna see Rhea Ripley knock out some lads.

Logan Paul Vs The Miz

20220726 SSlam Match PaulMiz FC tonight 4acd7b2e9d50c0544021ca6d3a5c8a21
Credit; WWE

Bam: Logan Paul

Craig: Logan Paul

Damien Craig: The Miz

George: The Miz

Griffin: Logan Paul

Riley: Logan Paul

WrestlingJebus: Logan Paul

It would seem the majority of us are looking to see Logan Paul, who impressed at WrestleMania 38, beat The Miz. We all know the A-Lister is meant to be the bad guy here but with Paul being a Grade A douchebag there might be some confusion about who to cheer for at this year’s SummerSlam. I’m sure we will see on the night but The Miz might be the good guy here.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match | The Usos Vs The Street Profits

20220726 SSlam Match UsosStreetProfits FC Tonight dfc15f66bcdf1decae791afe7cb66dc1
Credit; WWE

Bam: The Usos

Craig: The Usos

Damien Craig: The Usos

George: The Usos

Griffin: Street Profits

Riley: Street Profits

WrestlingJebus: The Usos

The Bloodline will retain, according to the majority of the team. Now that is nothing against the Street Profits, they are possibly one of the best tag teams in the WWE at the moment. It seems for right now, with the way things are playing out, it isn’t their time to regain those championships. The Usos will come out of this match victorious and the fall of the Bloodline will come, but not yet.

RAW Women’s Championship Match | Bianca Belair Vs Becky Lynch

20220711 SSlam Match BiancaBecky FC Tonight 1463c2dac0eae929f4974b63d936970d
Credit; WWE

Bam: Bianca Belair

Craig: Becky Lynch

Damien Craig: Bianca Belair [But I want Becky as an Irish person]

George: Bianca Belair

Griffin: Bianca Belair

Riley: Becky Lynch

WrestlingJebus: Bianca Belair

The third big championship match between “Big Time Becks” and “The EST of WWE” should be an epic battle for the RAW Woman’s Championship. A year on from their first meeting at SummerSlam 2021 and this should be the end of this feud, Lynch needs to move on from the championship scene and Belair. Bianca on the other hand needs to establish herself as what she truly is, one of the cornerstones of the young crop of talent in the women’s division.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match | Liv Morgan Vs Ronda Rousey

20220726 SSlam Match LivRonda FC tonight 4a98d59eb63302ce705caa54c3dadcaa
Credit; WWE

Bam: Liv Morgan

Craig: Liv Morgan

Damien Craig: Liv Morgan

George: Liv Morgan

Griffin: Liv Morgan

Riley: Liv Morgan

WrestlingJebus: Ronda Rousey

Liv Morgan vs Ronda Rousey at SummerSlam fills me, personally, with unnecessary dread, mainly cause I don’t trust them to not put the belt on Rousey again. It seems that the majority of the team really wants Liv Morgan to retain and I think that might be the same for other fans of WWE. Rousey doesn’t need a cham,pionship and she also isn’t that great in the ring, so quicker matches that also don’t comply ruin the championship scene might be the way to go. here we need Morgan to win clean but let’s set up Rousey’s next rivalry, Shayna Baszler.

WWE United States Championship Match | Bobby Lashley Vs Theory

20220708 SSlam Match LashleyTheory FC Tonight 2fef2e652c82549c78b038bcf69871c8
Credit; WWE

Bam: Bobby Lashley

Craig: Bobby Lashley

Damien Craig: Bobby Lashley

George: Bobby Lashley

Griffin: Theory

Riley: Bobby Lashley

WrestlingJebus: Theory

Our team seems to really like Bobby Lashley as the United States Champion and we all want him to stay that way. Theory is the previous US Champion but currently has the Money In the Bank briefcase, which Brock Lesner is using to beat him with. Which shouldn’t be funny, but it kinda is.

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match | Last Man Standing | Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesner

20220708 SSlam Match RomanBrock FC Tonight 958a3b2fadca578de6442ab76c951bbb
Credit; WWE

Bam: Roman Reigns

Craig: Roman Reigns

Damien Craig: Our Tribal Chief Roman Reigns

George: Roman Reigns

Griffin: Roman Reigns

Riley: Theory will cash in his MITB briefcase to win

WrestlingJebus: Roman Reigns

A Last Man Standing match that should hopefully be a barn burner, and please let this be the last time these two powerhouses meet. Almost everyone here thinks the Trible Cheif, The Head of the Table, the leader of The Bloodline will win and that is exactly what should happen. Keep those championships on Reigns until WrestleMania 39 and wait for Cody Rhodes’s return. If only someone else had won that MITB briefcase.

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