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Rampage:The Faction Factory Pt 45

Another Faction For Rampage?

Yes, another. Because we don’t have enough in AEW, do we? This time it’s the Trussbusters…eh, oh, Trustbusters.

Yes, apparently about the leader of the Faction having loads of money and being a business success. You know, like Andrade was supposed to have loads of money when he was running a Faction.  Oh yeah…

It’s like deja vu all over again, as is often said in wrestling, but it isn’t, that’s tautology, deja vu has is about feeling something has happened anyway, you don’t need the words ‘all over again’! It’s ridiculous all over again!


Anyway, The Trustbusters are led by moneybags Ari Daivari and please don’t misunderstand me, Mr D is a fantastic wrestler and a great wrestling entertainer; that’s a compliment, by the way.

The other members of his happy band? A big, tough guy called Parker Boudreaux who destroyed Sonny Kiss on Rampage and will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with. At the moment though, he looks like a cut-price Brock Lesnar.

Another member is Slim J, in a vest and visor, he doesn’t look like he’s a high roller or a buyer and seller of companies.

Rampage's Newest Faction...
Credit; Cageside Seats

And glory be! Sonny Kiss still works in AEW! And to prove it, there he was on Rampage, getting battered by Baby Brock and then…turning heel on Orange Cassidy in the main event. Oh no, Sonny Kiss, who hadn’t been on Rampage or Dynamite for ages, turning heel? The sky is falling…

Sonny Kiss Turns Heel On Rampage
Credit; 411 Mania

This is not Sonny’s fault, his work is frequently faultless, but you can’t put him onto a flagship show from nowhere and expect us to care about his heel turn.

So Daivari and Kiss in and on AEW = good. Part of another faction = meh.

Tay Conti/Melo Reminds Us She Can Wrestle

Or rather, she was given the opportunity. This Rampage match with her and new hubby Sammy Guevara v Dante Martin & Sky Blue.

It was good, as hoped. Martin jumped off Tay’s back as she was getting up to hit a Deatroyer on Sammy, Blue followed a TayTilt A Whirl DDT with one of her own.

But Tay had the lion’s share; an early Bow And Arrow with Head Scissors, was fantastic and her GTS Tay KO for the pin was fab too.

Tai Conti was great on Rampage
Credit; Sportskeeda

Great match and sadly for Rampage this week, the only one in that category.

Are AEW Still Doing That Ranking Thing?

They ballyhooed it when the promotion formed. But it can always be worked around, that’s what Open Challenges are for.

Hook now has a belt. I was finally listened to, saying for weeks that because of Hook’s seemingly selfish character, he has to win something or he could be seen as unnecessarily rude. So he got the FTW title, Team Taz split (I thought that happened months ago) and Ricky Starks was free to turn face – the people loved it.

But on Rampage? Here comes Zack Clayton, who apparently will be known from reality TV. Erm………………………………………………………………was he the one who ate that bull’s testicle? Oh no, that was ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’.

Anyway, he demanded a match, on his first night on Rampage and got it, because…erm…Hook said yes.

Who sits on the ‘championship committee’? Who looks at the rankings? Who thinks No1 contender burnishes the belt? Am I the only one?


So Rampage Wasn’t A Roaring Success Then?

Nope, one good match is an issue, the new Faction doesn’t please and the announcement of a Trios tournament? So so. Oh and that Danhausen with Redbeard Beardhausen thing? We didn’t see much of the ‘very nice, very evil’ chap in the match, did we?

A lot went on in Rampage this week. It had a reason. I just didn’t like that reason

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