CCW: Brian Cage’s Happy Wrestling Home?

CCW Makes A Refreshing Change?

I don’t know Brian Cage. We don’t connect on Twitter or Insta. There are no LOLs or retweets. And yet when I see him in his latest faction, Tully Blanchard Enterprises, I just feel that he doesn’t know why he’s there.

And why should he know? Moved from Team Taz after falling out with them and losing a belt to TBE for no particular reason I can see, to not be used on Dynamite or Rampage, just to loom at the back trying to summon up the energy.

That’s the way it seems to me, looking in as critical friend, and sometimes just a critical, of AEW.

What a waste of a stupendous talent.

If you didn’t see him in CCW, you might have forgotten how wonderful his talent is.

Thank Goodness For CCW

Cage comes to Coastal Championship Wrestling and gives us brilliance. Every visit. He’s never lost there either, but that’s not what it’s about, this is about wrestling.

And Cage showing us how he can move, how he can sell, how he can deliver huge moves, and how he can show his strength for a reason.

It Isn’t Just Cage

It’s the opponents who get the best out of him, like Rich Swann and AR Fox, for instance. And here the opponent name tells us what we’re in for.

Or does it?

Well, he does a cartwheel to the ring, so maybe. But if a wrestler can flip and fly, they tend to be leaner, don’t they? Jack Cartwheel has the physique of a gymnast.

And that’s the way he works in the ring. I’ve always been delighted by his work and this match is no different.

As CCW themselves said;

‘But it wasn’t easy for the Swolverine. Cartwheel gave a game effort and displayed a plethora of his signature innovative offense.’

Cage Didn’t Have It All His Own Way

Even though Kevin Sullivan, on commentary, was asking for ref Andy Seeley to stop the match, Cartwheel didn’t need it.

More CCW Cartwheel Offence
Credit; CCW

Even though Cage caught his flip and executed a German Buckle Suplex, then bicep curled as he held him like a baby before dropping him, Cartwheel did the splits into an Upkick, hoisted huge Cage onto his shoulders and hit a Rolling Death Valley Driver, then used the ropes like a gymnast would with a pommel horse to flip Cage onto his neck – fabulous; ‘Eliciting gasps from the Nashville crowd who thought they might be witnessing a major upset.’ CCW were right, this was a close-run thing.

Cartwheel CCW Offence
Credit; CCW

Cage of course executed his outside in Suplex from the second rope, making the extremely difficult look commonplace, then a Buckle Bomb which surely was the end…

…No! A second Buckle Bomb attempt was countered by Cartwheel into an extraordinary Destroyer and another for a long 2 count after Cage had one of his own from a Death Valley Driver.

This was looking tough for Cage. And so he focussed; after a Cartwheel mistake, a huge Discus Lariat into a quick pin, a long 2 so straight into the Drill Claw for the pin. Cage had to get the energy up to put Cartwheel away.

CCW Cage Finisher
Credit; CCW

And The Next Match?

We don’t need one. This one does it all. Intensity, classy moves, tough work.

Oh, and CCW Women’s Champ was attacked in the training ring by…I didn’t recognise them. And that’s great, ‘cos we’ll surely be seeing a lot more of this issue in coming weeks.

And I’ll be seeing a lot more of CCW in the coming weeks. And months. When a wrestling show is this good, why wouldn’t you?

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