Welcome To Tales From A Hotel: A New Lace ‘Em Up Series

Hello everyone.  You know me for my wrestling articles usually.  But I’ve just not been feeling it lately.  I watched Ric Flair’s last match, and while the matches were good, his was, understandably, terrible.  I was not impressed at all.  But I still felt the need to write things.  So I decided that hey, I work at a hotel, and the craziest shit happens here, so why not document it? 

Welcome to Tales from a Hotel, a new series.  I will not name the hotel or even the brand I work for, or names.  But I will recount the bizarre tales I’ve had while working here, starting with one of my favorites:

Tales From A Hotel: “The Meltdown”

So one night, I had just gotten off work and was telling our newer third shift girl about the check-ins, nothing spectacular, a couple of Expedia check-ins. 

Let me pause here and explain something.  Expedia is a scam.  They will bend you over and shove it up your ass, then take all your money and offer no support.  Expedia might LOOK cheaper, but I guarantee you several things.  First, we at the hotels hate it.  We will give you the worst rooms and the least amount of service.  Expedia makes us take about four extra steps to check you in, and is an absolute nightmare to deal with. 

They rob the hotels blind.  For a room that costs $110 on the weekend, Expedia gives us about $60 and takes NO taxes, we have to eat that, then charges YOU a total of about $150 after fees.  They will tell you that you’re getting such a great deal, but you aren’t.  If you want to cancel it, you only have a small window to do so.  Then they’ll tell you to call the hotel to cancel, which we can’t do.  They will try everything in their power to blow you off.  Expedia and all third-party sites are scams, always book with the hotel directly. It might look more expensive, but in the long run, it is not.

Drake Hotel, Chicago, where I do NOT work, just a dream hotel for me!

Ok, rant over, back to the story.  So as I said, Expedia requires about 4 extra steps, and there were two of them that night.  No big deal.  I did two of the extra steps, all she had to do was take the credit card for incidentals and check them in.  Nothing major.  So the end of the night conversation went sort of like this.  Names changed, obviously.

“Ok, so I’m going to be in 430, the keys are right there for the check-ins, all you have to do is take the credit card for incidentals and check them in.”

“Alright sounds good, have a good night!”

“You too Karen.” and I leave.

I get to the room I was staying in since I had to get up at 6 to work the morning shift for someone, so I just stayed at the hotel, no point in going home right?  So I’m sitting there for a couple of hours before I go to bed and going through TikTok and Instagram as usual when I get a phone call to my room.  I was confused but picked up.



“Um…I’ll be right there…?”

At this point I’m coming down the elevator to the lobby level, trying to figure this out, when I hear screaming from the lobby. 


“Ah, fuck….” I remember muttering and walking into the lobby.

“What in the world…”

“I’M DONE, I QUIT, FUCK THIS, I QUIT!” she screams, slamming the office door, and I mean slammed it so hard the entire frame shook and I got several phone calls asking what was going on.  

As she screams storming out, I asked the customer what happened.

“She flipped out because we had an Expedia reservation and she didn’t know what to do.”

I remember looking in disbelief at the customer and calmly checking them in.  It took about two minutes.  It was already 1 AM and I didn’t want to wake our manager, so I ended up working my 2nd shift, her 3rd, and my first shift.  I was exhausted.  This bitch literally quit because of two Expedia check-ins.  That’s it, that’s the whole reason.  I called the manager at about 7 AM and told them what happened, and his reply was “Jesus fucking christ…”  

So that’s just one of many stories from a hotel worker.  We’ll discuss fights, a time I put a violent customer in a choke hold until the cops came, sex toys, customer fights, and along the way I will also give tips and tricks to make your stay better at any hotel!  These will be short articles, but hopefully, you’ll enjoy them and learn some things on the way.

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