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How does WWE solve The Charlotte Flair Problem?

I will say that I will be trying like hell to keep this PG. I, in no way, want to put Lace ‘Em Up in any negative light for my thoughts about Charlotte Flair. If I had it my way, I would absolutely tear WWE apart for what they’ve done with Charlotte thus far and the article would need a Parental Advisory tag to it. That said.. let’s do this thing.

The Charlotte Flair Problem

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When you look at the women’s division in WWE, there are going to be plenty of people out there who say that the division is suffering without the presence of one Charlotte Flair. I am not one of those people. In my humble opinion, the WWE Women’s Division has seen a boom in Charlotte’s absence. Women who haven’t been given a chance to shine have been given the spotlight and it’s entirely due to the 15 time Women’s Champion not being in the mix.

To me, Charlotte is nothing more than a mid-card personality. She’s average in the ring and her promo’s are always the same shit over and over again. Nothing ever changes with her and it’s beyond annoying at this point. If she wasn’t related to Rick Flair, I guarantee that there is no way she would have had as many championship reigns as she has had. I firmly believe that her name is what got her where she is in the pantheon of WWE champions.

Aside from having average ring and mic skills, I personally find her character to be incredibly boring. So much so that I don’t see what Vince and the WWE even sees in her. It’s beyond frustrating, it’s actually infuriating.

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Women like Liv Morgan and Bianca Belair have seen success recently that they never saw while Flair was present. Sure, Bianca has been booked as one hell of a champion so far and Liv just lost her title to Ronda Rousey, but neither woman would have gotten their chance to shine if Flair had been around. In fact, more women have gotten a chance to shine than just those three names. Women like Iyo Sky, Dakota Kai, Raquel Rodriguez, Shotzi and hell even Aliyah have all gotten their chance in the absence of Flair.

The WWE doesn’t need Charlotte Flair. There is no reason why they do. The women’s division is the most stable that it has been in decades and that is 100% in thanks to Triple H taking the helm of creative. I would add to that the absence of Charlotte. When she returns, and she inevitably will, WWE will likely thrust her right back into the main event scene. She has absolutely no business being anywhere near a world title right now. No matter which champion she would be sent up against, chances are high that Charlotte would defeat them just to further pad her championship accolades.

Enough is Enough and It’s Time For A Change

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To quote the late, great, Owen Hart..

Enough is Enough and it’s Time for a Change!

How do we bring about that change, you ask? Well, we as fans cannot and that’s the unfortunate fact of things. All we can do is make our voices heard and it’s ultimately what Triple H and the WWE decide to do.

What I think they need to do however is relegate Charlotte to the mid-card scene. She’s had enough time in the spotlight and for now, she needs to use what talent she does have to help the newer generation of women get over. She’s not gonna win any awards for her mic-work but she sure as shit can put that average ring talent of hers to use by letting other women grow and use her as a stepping stone.

I’m absolutely sick of Charlotte Flair and I’ve had enough of her being near the Women’s Championship. Her time at the top needs to end and it needs to end now.

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