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Bray Wyatt: Who Will Be Part Of The Wyatt Six?

Bray Wyatt returned to WWE last weekend at Extreme Rules after weeks of teasing and the WWE Universe being told to follow the white rabbit.

Who does the Lace ‘Em Up team thinks will be part of his creepy and sinister faction? read on to find out.

Bam’s Picks For The Wyatt Six

I really thought long and hard about my picks for the rumored new faction involving Bray Wyatt, The Wyatt 6, some came quickly while others took time. In my picks, we have some returns, some obvious choices, and some surprising picks. I have always been fascinated by the macabre and supernatural so Bray Wyatt has always intrigued me, along with being one of the big factors in me getting back into Pro-Wrestling, the other being The SHIELD.

So let’s talk about my picks for the five wrestlers who will be joining the captivating Bray Wyatt in the Wyatt 6.

Huskus The Pig | Erick Rowan

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My first pick is a returning Erick Rowen, he was always at his best when paired up with Bray Wyatt, and obviously in the Bludgeon Brothers with the late Brodie Lee. I personally would love to see Rowan back in the fold and by Wyatt’s side once again. Bray needs someone who has always been loyal to him and Rowan would be the perfect enforcer and big man for the group.

Mercy the Buzzard | Baron Corbin

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Obviously, it’s all about the Hawaiian shirts with this one as I feel that Baron Corbin, or Happy Corbin as he has been known for a while, seems like the perfect fit in that respect. As much as I enjoy Happy Corbin I feel like that character has run its course and a change is needed. His best work was as the insufferable RAW GM version of himself, waistcoat and all. Before that his lone-wolf persona was absolutely fantastic.

That persona is what really made him a standout in NXT and later on SmackDown. This could be a chance to meld all of those characters together and allow Corbin to take a look inside of himself and pull out an even darker creature than we have seen before. He always ends up as a lone wolf but a wolf is always stronger within a pack.

Abby the Witch | Liv Morgan

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Who else to take on the darker and spookier side of the WWE than everyone’s favorite deadly sweetheart, Liv Morgan? She, more than anyone, has that crazy Harley Quinn thing down, with a hint of brains behind that beauty, just like the DC Villain turned anti-hero. Allow Morgan to build off of the character and momentum she has already built, allow her to fully embrace the out-of-control and slightly psychotic side to her, oh, and let’s keep that baseball bat. From there she can become darker than before, embrace the witch within her, and just in time for Halloween too.

Ramblin’ Rabbit | Nikki Cross

Who says we can only have one woman in the Wyatt Six? Not me, that’s for sure, Nikki Cross has been one of my favorite female wrestlers in WWE for a very long time, but she seems to have really lost her way as of late. We need the old Nikki back and what better way than her to embody the essence of Ramblin’ Rabbit? If you have ever seen her work in NXT you will know she is hard-hitting and can play crazy and rambling very well.

Nikki also always knows, she was the key component in the mystery of who attacked Alistair Black. The delivery of her promos during this time was also groundbreaking for the women’s division, and would still be in WWE. Nikki Cross could, and should, be regarded as one of the best deranged and dark gimmicks of the modern era.

The Fiend | Bo Dallas

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Two sides of the same coin? who better to portray one of the greatest creations of Bray Wyatt than his real-life brother Bo Dallas. Rumors abound that Bo will be returning to WWE soon and why not have him team up with his brother? Another reason I am picking Dallas for this role is that despite the fact he is amazing at comedy, seeing him as a darker more sinister version of himself would be exciting and might allow Bo to really stretch his wings in WWE.

George’s Picks For The Wyatt Six

So many theories swirling about the internet about how this stable is set up, what’s the meaning behind it, and so forth. I personally like the theory that this is Bray setting the characters of the Firefly Funhouse free from their captivity and also defeating The Fiend to free himself. He has control over The Fiend instead of being controlled by him which seems to have been the premise of the storyline before his release in July 2021.

The Fiend | Vincent


Hear me out, I know the rumors’ that Bo will be The Fiend are massive, I just like to be different. Vincent has the dreadlocks already and was apparently rumored to be backstage at RAW this past Monday, hinting at possibly signing with Triple H and the WWE. It would make sense, he’s a massive horror movie buff, like Windham Rotunda, and has that creepy aura about him that would fit well into the character of The Fiend.

Abby the Witch | Liv Morgan

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Everyone is looking at one thing when it comes to this; the two title belts behind Abby when they appeared at Extreme Rules. We all forget how extremely intelligent Bray is and I believe this could be to throw us off the scent of Alexa, the first woman to hold both women’s titles and Bray’s former confidant.

Liv needs a new character; she got fan support behind her when she won the title at Money in the Bank but other than that…meh. She was seen backstage at Extreme Rules sitting in the dark, hopefully hinting at a sinister turn. The other link is her boyfriend, Bo Dallas, keeping it in the family is very much a Bray trait.

Huskus the Pig | Joe Gacy

the dyad

Feel like this one is just self-explanatory, each Firefly Funhouse character represents Bray in some way, shape, or form. Huskus is Husky Harris, his NXT and Nexus character. He represents the more ‘out of shape, not prototypical wrestler’ that wouldn’t usually make it in Vince McMahon’s land of giants. Joe Gacy doesn’t look like your prototypical wrestler but he’s fantastic in-ring. And, like Bray, he is a great promo.

He’s doing okay in NXT with the Dyad but it’s not setting the world on fire, getting him on the main roster will give him a massive push, especially being with Bray, and gives us back the Grizzled Young Veterans (PLEASE!)

Ramblin’ Rabbit | Bo Dallas

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He’s going to be in the faction, it’s more or less confirmed already but he’s heavily linked to The Fiend character, possibly due to the speculation it was actually him wrestling Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37. He will obviously be involved with the faction and we finally get to see the Rotunda brothers side by side in WWE.

I personally wanted to give him this character based on his NXT character when he would ramble on (get it?) about people ‘Bo-lievin’ in him and themselves. He’s had a massive character change since then as part of The Miztourage and The B Team but it’s not out of the realms of possibility, Bray plays on Bo’s run in NXT as inspiration for this character.

Mercy the Buzzard | Grayson Waller

Grayson Waller WWE RAW

It seems to be either Grayson or Corbin who is getting linked with the Mercy character, I think purely because they wear Hawaiian shirts. Neither of them is particular a great fit for the character off the bat; Grayson is a very cocky sports entertainment style guy and Corbin was the Lone Wolf, last time we saw him, he was getting into a limo that was rumored to be JBL’s.

I’m going with Grayson though because Bray can use his cockiness to subdue him, keep him under his spell and utilize his character completely. Plus, I’d like to see if the Happy Corbin and JBL storyline goes anywhere, could have some serious legs to it, both characters are despised by fans and could fit nicely.

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