CCW : The Ariel Levy ERA Begins…

What Will It Be?

Whenever we have a new champ at the top of a wrestling company, we wonder what that champ will be like, because the character sets the tone for the promotion.

Ariel Levy is the new CCW champ, but that champ

is supposed to lead the company, it’s so important, so what hints do we have?

1.Ariel turned on his partner Vinicious and manager Fonzie
2.Ariel has been pushing against the fans, but also soaking in the boos
3.Ariel has a friend with him, Alan ‘S2S’ Martinez

Ah, we don’t need to be Columbo to work this one out. And I for one relish it. The previous champ, Cha Cha Charlie, got everyone dancing, Ariel Levy gets everyone booing – well, not everyone, some of us love that self-obsessed, single-minded heel turn.

CCW Champ Ariel Levy

Credit; CCW

And so this week for the CCW weekly show, Alive, we’d find out just what that championship atmosphere was…

Ariel Levy v Gangrel

Gangrel’s not winning the world title, is he? After all, Ariel hadn’t had the belt long, he needs to settle into it – handing the belt back and forth can make a promotion look weak and short-term.

But Gangrel is a big player in CCW, he trains wrestlers, he is enjoyed when he performs there, there’s a warm feeling for him.

And that stood in marked contrast to the champ, so it was very important to have this distinction, to make it clear.

CCW reminded us that;

‘Ariel Levy came to the ring with his ever-present Chilean countryman sidekick Alan “S2S” Martinez’

And so it’s very important to check the Martinez Alerts* in the match.

Gangrel didn’t half have a go early on, with a big slam which made Ariel bail, his friend Martinez soothing him.

Big G didn’t observe this break, he wanted to open his chop shop on the outside. And it looked good for the vampire at this moment, but you can never count the champ out.

CCW Champ Levy Isn't Enjoying Himself

Credit; CCW

Very quickly, Gangrel’s neck was hurting, as – MARTINEZ ALERT – Alan worked it  from the outside between the ropes.

Even when Levy synched in a headlock, Gangrel sold it, then replaced that arm with a knee, straight to the challenger’s face, but only a 2 count.

CCW Champ Does His Best

Credit; CCW

Impaler! Gangrel hit the Impaler! No ref…and

MARTINEZ ALERT – Alan took the chance to hit a rather sweet Missile Dropkick and handed G to Levy who then almost finished the job with a Superkick and Code Breaker but was shocked by a kick out at 2.9999999.

And then…

MARTINEZ ALERT – Alan pulled ref Amy Veronica out of the ring as her hand was coming down for the 3rd time after another very brutal-looking Impaler; Ariel fetched a chair, Gangrel grabbed it, went to use it himself, Amy V wouldn’t allow that.

Which would have been fine except for…

Brass knucks. Levy had them about his person, slipped them on, one punch later and it was pin time.

CCW Champ Levy Retains

Credit; CCW

Was It Good?

It was, actually. I say actually because I don’t automatically think of a good match when Gangrel is involved, but he always goes for it and leaves it all in the ring, as they say.

And this was a really sweet wrestling entertainment match; shenanigans with Martinez, good moves, frenetic work and the crowd loving it.

As CCW themselves said;

‘…in what is becoming a familiar refrain for Levy, the “Champion That You Deserve” retained the title in controversial fashion.’

CCW Does It Again

The crowd were loving it, as was I. CCW is on a hot streak, as hot as Ariel Levy’s anger, one match all that’s required, a match that knows what it needs to do and then delivers.

A wrestling match that does that  – how refreshing…

*the times that Ariel’s friend Alan got involved.

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