Stardom Unit Rankings: The Fall 2022 Edition From Lace ‘Em Up

It’s that time once again folks, for the quarterly Stardom Unit Rankings.

Not a whole lot has changed since the last rankings, but there have definitely been some title changes and new or returning members, so without blowing a lot of hot air up your butts, I’ll just hop right into the list this time. Something to remember folks, this is my personal opinion and I am sure that there are people who will not agree with me at all.

#6. Donna del Mondo | Members: Giulia (L), Maika, Himeka, Thekla & Mai Sakurai (-1)

image 2

Donna del Mondo drops a spot to number six in this quarter’s rankings, despite Giulia winning this year’s 5 Star Grand Prix. The group has seen a lot of success in recent months, gaining the crown for the 5 Star GP, but it almost feels like DDM is stuck in a state of limbo for me. Other units are gaining new members and growing in popularity while Donna del Mondo is seeming to fall by the wayside. Even if Giulia dethrones Syuri this December for the World of Stardom Championship, there needs to be something huge for the unit to regain the glory that they held last year.

I’m sorry to say it, but I don’t see DDM ending this year anywhere near the number-one spot.

Championships Currently Held: None

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