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Memphis Wrestling Stars Of Tomorrow….


This was different. Like Coastal Championship Wrestling last week, Memphis Wrestling stepped outside the usual angles and wrestlers, good to shake it up and also good to add some new faces. And they are new.

Well, some are new but seen before, some are completely new. All are refreshing. The Stars Of Tomorrow?

Big John Dalton: He’s popular alright and has been on the Memphis Wrestling Saturday morning show before. He’s settling into his wrestling boots, enjoying the cheers, but not enjoying the outcome of his time with Derrick The King.

Derrick is a Memphis Wrestling scion, he’s been there for many years, he works with those Stars Of Tomorrow in the training facility. And Big John Dalton saw him. He saw him as an aspiration. And he challenged the scion of Memphis Wrestling to a match.

Derrick smiled. And accepted the match. And


slapped the taste out of Big John’s mouth. It was a slap similar to the one seen at the Oscars. But Big John sold it too. And Derrick did something special; as he passed Dalton, he just patted him patronisingly on the back.

Great segment and one that absolutely sold Big John D.

McKenzie Morgan : She’s been an energetic presence behind the mic for weeks and that pep transfers to the ring.

Memphis Wrestling Friendship Under Strain?

Credit; YouTube

The story behind the Memphis Wrestling match? Morgan and her opponent, Nyxx, were friends; will their friendship last after this match? Well, they both offered each other a hand up then a strike for good measure.

Nyxx hit a nice Samoan Drop and a nasty-looking Butterfly DDT for the pin. It didn’t go long and Morgan’s time will come, Nyxx left to her entrance music, the music for Coastal Championship Wrestling; weird…

Ray Collins: Ray plays a plucky trier gimmick which works well and he’s had some time in Memphis Wrestling programming recently.

Here, after ‘So Fine’ Justin Klein, the Hot Shots manager, told us his team paid their dues ‘with American Express’, Collins took on 4 opponents, Ethan Ross in the ring, his compatriots outside it.

Collins started with some solid offence; Dropkick, Armdrag, Hiptoss, Slam and a rather well-done Legdrop. After Collins had been worked over on the outside, Ross hit a Clothesline for a 2 count.

Collins should have won with a high Knee, but the Hot Shots swarmed to help their friend and a DQ ensued. Cue Adamas Vain, in Gladiator trunks and intense attitude, who dealt with them all – nice announcement, Collins still the trier.

Honourable Mentions

Reverend Ash Taylor : Is that gimmick really a holy man with a collection plate? It’s OK and he plays it perfectly well, but:


Brother Love

Ronnie Roberts

and that’s just a few.

He’ll have to buck the trend and that’s tough to do.

Alan Steel: Yes, I know he’s not a Star Of Tomorrow, Steel was the first Memphis Wrestling Heritage champ and an excellent heel he was.

Memphis First Heritage champ Feels The Pain

Credit; YouTube

Now he’s head coach in the training facility and wants to big up his students, until he thinks the cameras are off and tells us that after the ‘mushy stuff’, he can tell us that those students don’t always follow the rules – after all, ‘I didn’t…

It’s really good stuff and his commentary for the main event was entertaining too, it was partisan, but that’s because his main student, who reminds him of a young Kurt Angle, is wrestling.

Tim Bosby : his angle (ho ho) is that he was a winner as an amateur wrestler and he’ll be a winner today.

Memphis Wrestling Main Event

Credit; YouTube

If that happened, he would be Internet Champ.

Leaving aside the lack of any No1 contender action, his match with Zay Washington was pretty spiffy.You see, Bosby dominated.

And by the way, Zay’s ex-tag partner Aaron Roberts was banned from the Wrestlecenter, but his man-with-no-name new partner turned up, distracted the champ and left immediately – good work.

Zay may have laid in a chop, but Bosby retaliated with a bouncy backbreaker. As Steel said ‘it’s hard to flip and flop when your back is in flames’.

Bosby had the smarts to leave the 3rd of these 3 Amigos for a Delayed variety, then rather helped Zay to execute his Springboard Cutter but it didn’t half look good. And in a lovely bit of wrestling psychology, Zay missed his 450 Splash, but landed on his feet, Bosby was too busy celebrating into the hard cam and didn’t see Zay lay.

On the mat, that is, Bosby was overconfident and got rolled up. Zay retained his Memphis Wrestling Internet Championship. And Bosby wasn’t happy. He doesn’t lose, you see?

He refused to shake Zay’s hand. Alan Steel wouldn’t have it and strongly suggested Bosby return. He did, exceedingly slowly. And Steel extended his hand too. Bosby ignored him. So this one may run and run.

And if the Kurt Angle type became a character like Bob Backlund in his 2nd WWF run, I won’t be complaining.

That Was Fun

Really good to showcase younger wrestlers and in their hands, Memphis Wrestling will be in good hands. I wish tomorrow was today…

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