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CCW Gives Us Heavyweight Havok: A Meeting Of The Meat

CCW wrestler Buckshot Brian Brock looks like Outlaw Ron Bass and not just because he has a cowboy gimmick, his body looks similar and his attitude too; that’s a really good thing, Bass was class as a wrestler and Brock put in a very good showing here.

And he was fighting Gangrel at the late September Destiny Awaits main event; the former David Heath is loved in CCW, he trains wrestlers there, he wrestles there and he’s very well served by Coastal Championship Wrestling bookers, they put him in matches which play to his strengths as a seasoned performer and his wild match with Jacob Fatu was so well done, it features on CCW titles.

And so the crowd was hyped for this, plus Brock interfered in the aforementioned match, so Gangrel wanted revenge. As CCW told us;

‘The bottom line? These two do not like one another.’

The match just had to live up to the background. Well, there were no run-ins, no shenanigans, these two were given the match to show us what they could do.

The Match

CCW Heavyweights Gangrel and Brock
Credit; CCW

It wasn’t a classic. It was 2 big blokes clashing and that doesn’t always make for oohs and ahs, but this had some sauce behind it.

That much was clear when it spilt to the outside after Gangrel clotheslined the cowboy over the top – impressive with someone of Brock’s size. Outside that ring, Brock grabbed Gangrel’s face in the eye area and just pulled; nasty.

And although CCW reckoned Brock continued by ‘running the Vampire Warrior into the ring post’, it was a lot more than that. Get this;

Gangrel lay on his stomach by the corner
Brock went the outside
Then he grabbed his opponent’s face and pushed it into the ring post, positively ground it into the steel.

What An Odd Combo

This would be Brock thinking these two things go together, and he may be right;

A Backstabber


A Chinlock

I liked it, but it was a bit weird, it sort of said ‘take that! Have I hurt you? Have a rest…’

This is the kind of stuff that made this match fun to watch.

The Ending Really Made Sense

CCW favourite Gangrel hits a Bulldog
Credit; CCW

Most of the match was Brock’s, but;

‘Once again, the veteran Gangrel would find an opening…’

And so he was perhaps overconfident; he missed an elbow from the second buckle but seemed to realise that spelled trouble and so picked himself up for shoulders into the midsection.

When Gangrel wandered out of the corner, Brock went in for the kill, only to show his hubris by walking straight into a smashing-looking Impaler for the pin.

Something Different, Then?

CCW fave Gangrel's Finisher
Credit; CCW

Good to see 2 wrestling heavyweights duking it out, a hit crowd enjoying it, and nothing on the line but pride.

That’s one of the great things about CCW, they don’t half give you lots to enjoy…

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