The 22 Best Women’s Wrestlers of 2022

2022 has been a really great year for Women’s Wrestling. WWE has begun to turn things around with their product, and AEW seems to be finally stepping their game up as well. Then across the ocean, we have Stardom and Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling just running away with the game and giving us the best Women’s Wrestling in the world right now. There is so much good that is going on with the state of Women’s Wrestling that it was impossible not to look at the whole and bring you a year-end list of who, in my opinion, had the best year in 2022.

Let’s jump right into the list then and stop wasting time.

Honourable mentions go out to Iyo Sky, Ronda Rousey, Taya Valkyrie and Thunder Rosa.

#22. Jade Cargill | AEW

I am absolutely loathed to include Jade Cargill on this list but the woman has been booked insanely well and protected in AEW. Boasting a more than 40-match undefeated streak, it is looking like no one has any answers to this early-career talent. I am not a fan of Jade Cargill, at all. I feel she is overrated and isn’t worthy of her position in AEW but that is my opinion. Take it for what it is.

#21. Tam Nakano | STARDOM

Tam Nakano actually had a quietly great 2022 in Stardom. She got to the finals of the 5 Star Grand Prix and won the Goddess of Stardom title alongside her new partner Natsupoi. Sure, the Cosmic Angels aren’t doing too hot as a unit right now but fortunes change quickly in this game. Tam Nakano will always be great as long as she wants to wrestle. Accept it.

#20. Asuka | WWE

Despite subpar booking that doesn’t fit her talent or skill level, Asuka has proven to be one of the most reliable women on WWE’s main roster. Currently involved in a feud with Damage Control, and former Twin Tails partner Iyo Sky, Asuka seems to be finally getting back to the spotlight where she belongs. This legend deserves so much better than she has gotten in recent years so it’s great to see this change.

#19. ASUKA/Veny | Freelancer

ASUKA has had yet another stellar year and continues to show why she is one of the best talents coming out of Japan. She boasts a high rating on Cagematch and almost every match she is involved in has been stellar. I cannot think of any examples where she had a bad match in recent times. I look for her to having a huge 2023.

#18. Liv Morgan | WWE

Liv Morgan got a huge win over Ronda Rousey and won her first Women’s title this year. Of course, she had to be fed right back to Rousey a few months later and lost that title, but I love Liv and I loved her title reign. She deserved a much better booking and a long reign as champion so I hope another run with the belt, or a meaningful character change, comes for her soon.

#17. Mayu Iwatani | STARDOM

Mayu Iwatani may have middle-road booking at times but the Icon of Stardom has had an insane 2022. She’s getting a movie about her life, she held the SWA championship and became the first woman in Stardom history to win every major title and tournament in the company and she battled for the IWGP Women’s Title. 2023 will be another great year for Mayu Iwatani.

#16. Miyu Yamashita | Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling

The Ace of TJPW had another huge year. She held their top title for a long time and ended up losing it to another woman who will appear later on this list. She’s travelled the states and has appeared in AEW and for companies like Deadlock Pro Wrestling. 2023 will be the year of Miyu as she continues to grow and dominate the world.

#15. Becky Lynch | WWE

Despite her injuries, Becks had a huge year in 2022. She had an insanely great feud with Bianca Belair and even returned from injury to help win a Wargames Match. As long as Becky remains healthy, The Man will have a great 2022. She might win another title, she will have great feuds, Big Time Becks is here to stay.

#14. Britt Baker | AEW

Britt has had an up-and-down year but she has proven why she is one of the cornerstones of the AEW Women’s Division. Right now playing second fiddle to her friend Jamie Hayter, Britt’s spot on the roster is cemented and will remain as long as she wishes it. I foresee a feud with Jamie Hayter in 2023 and an even brighter year for the D.M.D.

#13. AZM (Azumi) | STARDOM

Azumi turned around her 2021 into an amazing 2022. In addition to performing insanely well in the 5 Star Grand Prix this year, AZM regained her High-Speed Championship and has held that belt for most of the year. She’s got a big defence coming up on Dec 29th at Deam Queendom 2022 against Hikari Shimizu and then 2023 to look forward to.

#12. Maki Itoh | Freelancer

Maki Itoh had a quietly good 2022, which is insanely hard to say for someone who has a loud personality. She’s been all over Japan and the US, amassing even more fans than she already had. She started a mostly SFW Onlyfans, collaborated on merch and has just added more to her brand than ever before. We shall all simp for the Simp Queen, bow down pleebs.

#11. Shoko Nakajima | Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling

The one who finally dethroned Miyu Yamashita for the top belt in TJPW just barely misses out on the top 10. Shoko has proven herself to be resilient and was one hell of a champion for TJPW. She lost her title to Yuka Sakazaki but that doesn’t take away from her stellar year. Big Kaiju will be one to watch in 2023.

The Top Ten Women’s Wrestlers of 2022 Are Here

We have already had a whole host of amazing and very talented women, but who made the most impact in 2022? and will AEW, WWE, TJPW or STARDOM get that coveted top spot?

#10. Mandy Rose | WWE

As much as it hurt me to include Jade Cargill on this list, it hurts, even more, to put Mandy Rose on it, especially as high up as she is. Facts are facts. Despite being mid-talent-wise, she has been protected by WWE and has a 300+ day reign as NXT Champion. Not only that but she leads the successful group Toxic Attraction. Mandy won’t have a great 2023, but that’s just my hope as WWE has her closing in on Shayna and Asuka’s reigns and we cannot have that.

#9. Yuka Sakazaki | Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling

Yuka Sakazaki had an insanely good 2022. She won the Princess Cup Tournament and also defeated Shoko Nakajima for the Princess of Princess Championship. She’s been on a roll and is a pillar for TJPW, whether as a single’s competitor or as a tag specialist with Mizuki. Expect the Champ to keep her momentum next year.

#8. Jamie Hayter | AEW

The fans got behind Jamie Hayter and AEW pulled the plug, giving her a huge win over Toni Storm and winning the AEW Women’s Championship for the first time. To make it even better, AEW stripped that title of the interim designation and granted us a true reign of Jamie as champion. Jamie should have a long and fruitful reign as champ and a great 2023.

7. Jordynne Grace – Impact

The only woman from Impact to grace my list this year, Jordynne Grace has had an insane year. She’s beaten a who’s who of competitors and proven why she is one of the best younger stars in the world. IMPACT Wrestling is a small pool and Jordynne is a big fish, that said I think she will continue to have a huge year in 2023.

#6. Suzu Suzuki | Freelancer

Suzu Suzuki had a huge year in 2022. She basically took Stardom by storm during the 5 Star Grand Prix and has taken everyone in the company to the limit that she has faced. The 20-year-old wrestling prodigy is only going to get better and better as the years go on and I can foresee her holding a lot of gold in 2023. She is that damn good.

#5. Starlight Kid | STARDOM

SLK has once again had a phenomenal year in Stardom. She did very well in the 5 Star GP and she is one of the current reigning Artist of Stardom Champions with Momo Watanabe and Saki Kashima. Let’s not forget that she had a huge tag reign with Momo and was the High-Speed Champion to start the year. SLK is someone to keep your eye on in 2023.

#4. Saya Kamitani | STARDOM

The current Wonder of Stardom Champion, Saya Kamitani, has had a phenomenal year. She’s held her belt since Dream Queendom 2021 and has beaten a who’s who of challengers this year. She even went to an insane draw against KAIRI. Saya continues to show huge improvement for someone so young and improves her game every single day.

#3. Bianca Belair | WWE

Bianca Belair could have been number 1, she could have, but our top 2 of the year have just been on another level and made the WWE Raw Women’s Champ look very average in my opinion. She’s beaten everyone that WWE has thrown at her and I am really excited to see a potential Bianca and Alexa Bliss feud. Hell, I’ll even take a Bianca vs Rhea feud at this point. I just want something new.


You can’t talk about having a huge 2022 and not think to mention Kairi. She returned home from the US, and had a very subpar WWE run, only to jump right back in with the sharks in Stardom. Not only that but she has had insane matches with Starlight Kid, Saya Kamitani and Mayu Iwatani. Kairi is also your inaugural IWGP Women’s Champion and no one can ever take that honour from her.

#1. Syuri | STARDOM


It’s been an incredible list so far and your top performer this year is also the woman who topped the PWI Top 150 this year, Syuri. Syuri has been a strong and stalwart champion for Stardom, holding the red belt for nearly 365 days now. She also has led her unit, God’s Eye, to being one strong group and a force to be reckoned with. 2023 may not see the same success for Syuri, but she will still have a huge year.

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