Miyu Yamashita in the Blackpool Combat Club?
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5 Women Who Could Join The Blackpool Combat Club

The Blackpool Combat Club has been a revelation and one of the best things on AEW programming since Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson faced off in order to bleed with one another. Since then they have steadily bolstered their ranks with William Regal, who has now left for WWE but will be BCC for life, Yuta Wheeler and Claudio Castagnoli. They seem to have their eyes set on the JSA’s Daniel Garcia but I feel they need a female element and I have five women who would be great additions to the group.

With more storylines for women being brought to the forefront of AEW programming and the introduction of Julia Heart to the House of Black, maybe it’s time to start adding more women into factions.

A Long Shot In Killer Kelly

Credit; IMPACT Wrestling

Killer Kelly might be currently signed to a multi-year deal with IMPACT Wrestling but when she is available maybe a trip to AEW and The Blackpool Combat Club might be a perfect fit for her. Kelly made her name all over Europe performing in places such as Westside Xtreme Wrestling [wXw], Pro-Wrestling EVE and Progress Wrestling while also facing off against STARDOM performers including Hana Kimura in the US at Revolution Championship Wrestling. Soon enough she became so wildly popular the WWE took notice, while the young star was still in her rookie year.

Her time there and in NXT UK wasn’t great, mainly used to put over other talent or not even being used at all, Killer Kelly was released from her contract at the start of 2020. Kelly has been on a tear through the indies ever since eventually making her way to IMPACT Wrestling. Since her release, she has explored her character further while putting more emphasis on her MMA style and technical prowess. This Portuguese star would fit in very well with the Blackpool Combat Club.

Tay Melo Needs To Leave JSA and Join The Blackpool Compat Club

tay conti
Credit; AEW

Tay Melo is one of the most likeable and gifted women’s wrestlers on the AEW roster but she seems to have become lost in the shuffle. What would be best for this highly charismatic performer would be for her to distance herself from the JSA and join a group that is more fitting of her talents. Yes, Tay-Jay is back together but they are really not doing much, Tay isn’t really doing much and hasn’t since becoming just eye candy for her real-life husband Sammy Guevara. That needs to change.

She has an extensive background in MMA with a black belt in Judo and a blue belt in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. Her skill allowed her to participate in trials for the 2016 Summer Olympics. She is also trained in artistic gymnastics making her one of the most athletic women on the AEW roster. With all of this and being so young in her career the Blackpool Combat Club seems like a much better fit. Tay is ruthless, technically skilled and still has a lot to learn. She could be one of the biggest assets to this faction.

Miyu Yamashita Returns For Some Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling Magic

Miyu Yamashita is one of the best wrestlers that Japan has produced in the last 10 years and has performed in high-profile matches in AEW. she is considered the ACE of Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling having held their top belt, the Tokyo Princess of Princess Championship, a total of 1,065 days over three reigns. Her first reign started on 4th January 2016 and she was their first champion. Yamashita is also only just 27 years old and is the current Pro Wrestling EVE Champion.

Anyone who has seen Miyu Yamashita wrestle will know just how good she is. Her style is hard-hitting and MMA based, with a technical ability well above her age. She would be a great person to represent the Blackpool Combat Club all over the world not just in TJPW but also in EVE and everywhere she is hired to perform. The faction needs a new face and Miyu Yamashita might just be the perfect fit.

Make That British Connection With Jamie Hayter

hayter 2

Our AEW World Women’s Champion would be the perfect fit for the Blackpool Combat Club and has been a fan favourite to join the group for the while. She is hard-hitting, athletic and has a mean streak, definitely someone who would flourish in the BCC. She has ploughed away over the years to make herself undeniable, from her humble beginnings in Southhampton, England to coming back into the AEW fold, she hasn’t let up once.

She certainly made an impression during her first run in AEW but when she finally made her triumphant return something felt different. Hayter’s music hit and she appeared, looking every inch the star that her fans believed she was, if you have seen her work in STARDOM then you know what she is all about. Her gear was different, sleeker, more refined and heavily inspired by her time in Japan, her black faux fur coat billowing behind her and since then she has reached the top of her division. An eventual feud between her and Britt Baker might be on the cards and if that happens maybe joining up with the Blackpool Combat Club might be her next step.

Elevate A Horsewomen of MMA: Marina Shafir

Screen Shot 2021 12 15 at 3.51.13 PM

Marina Shafir is the second-best wrestler from the Horsewomen of MMA, she is just pipped to the post by Shayna Baszler who has been a part of the business longer and is in WWE. A side note would be I hope Baszler finally gets the time and recognition she deserves. But now back to Shafir.

She has blossomed inside of the ring since being released by WWE taking the same route as her friend Baszler by incorporating her MMA training into her style. She is a technical wizard who is rough around the edges but that is what makes her so great. She will take her opponents down to the mat and manipulate their limps in a sadistic way akin to the likes of Zack Sabre Jr. or even ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor. A true student of the game and someone who could slip in well to the Blackpool Combat Club, alternatively let her work in NJPW Strong and join Team Filthy.

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