Memphis Wrestling Milestone : 100!

100 episodes, that is;

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

You’ve Made It 100

And You Still Look Good Too

Because Memphis Wrestling does.

Created to look like independent wrestling Saturday morning programmes of the 80’s, head honcho Dustin Starr, commentating from behind The Desk, is the moral centre of modern Memphis Wrestling.

And that morality is simple. No tweeners here, things are pretty cut and dried and their family Wrestling entertainment feel means they have to be.

Everything goes through The Desk, deals are made in front of it, Dustin and current co-commentator Terrence Ward (Dustin’s wife Maria did a long shift too) drive that big Desk and it’s a centre of calm in Memphis Wrestling, just as it used to be.

Actually, past Memphis Wrestling glories are brought back, commenting scions Dave Brown and yes, Lance Russell’s memory too.

Simple angles, entertaining wrestling and easy to love or hate wrestlers make Memphis Wrestling something special and they deserve 3 weeks around the 100th episode to celebrate.

Last week the Memphis Wrestling Tag Team championship match.

Next week The Memphis Wrestling Grind City Rumble.

This week? The Big 100.

And The Big Match To Celebrate.

The Memphis Wrestling Heritage Title is at stake, around Mike Anthony’s waist for a while now, his bombastic, on the edge and neurotic reign has been a joy.

But challenger Bret ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ Michaels is so well loved in Memphis Wrestling, it might be his time again.

They’ve had fantastic matches with really big moments, including scuffling in a car park and Anthony jumping off a 20 foot balcony onto his opponent, so this seemed a very tasty main event.

But First

Cassandra Golden is the Memphis Wrestling Women’s champ and long may that continue – she has power but poise, it’s really good to see in the squared circle.

So Jennifer Justice, backed up by Martin, made sure his help counted, hence the heinous work on the apron like pushing Golden off the top rope.

That didn’t stop Golden hitting a Twisting Sidewalk Slam and not one but 2 Ripcord Clotheslines; Justice and Martin were undone by their nefariousness here as Martin, on the apron again, was smacked in the head by a swinging Justice who was on Golden’s shoulders.

A pin followed and Justice was done…ha and indeed ha.

Nothing Stops K-Toomer

Not even 3 blokes attacking him at the petrol station. They took him behind the car, kicks ensued and the ringleader called someone called Jimmy – hang on, it might be Jimmy Hart, or Jimmy Smits, let’s not jump to conclusions that it’s Mr Blaylock, OK, let’s – he told ‘Jimmy’ that the job was done.

Hang on, you didn’t expect Toomer to stay down after two kicks, did you? Look behind you!

Too late, he was choked out, right there on the forecourt.Toomer looked at the phone. Saw who the last call was to. And looked at the camera. It really worked, breaking the 4th wall that way, showed Toomer’s bad intention – Sho ‘Nuff.

Austin Lane Wins Again

Matt, Austin’s mate who turned on him because he wouldn’t tag with him – Austin’s always been a lone wolf really – has been a thorn in the side of the Best Of The Best ever since.

Well, IT STOPS TODAY! (Actually, it might not…) but Lane called the Bane of his Memphis Wrestling life out.

Matt, who despite telling us he has a surname, I can’t remember it, brought his protection, Big Jack. But Austin was prepared. He had his own backup; Bulletproof Bruce.

This was tasty; Jack and Bruce used to be close, they’re blood. That reminds me, where’s the man who brought them here, Money Mike? Out making solid investments, no doubt…

And so we had a tag team match where both teams wanted to fight each other, which made for a rather fine match.

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

Jack chopped up a storm early on, but Lane landed a fine Dropkick. And then the big men were in. Bang! No one moved. Punch! No one moved.

Very naughtily, when briefly on top, Jack pushed Bruce’s hand towards Lane, so close…Even naughtier was Austin’s Bionic Elbow – elbow pad down, elbow delivered, elbow pad back up.

2 of the big spots here? Lane diving off the top towards both opponents, but Matt Whathisname seeing him coming and moving so that Jack bore the brunt. And the Bruce’s one armed Tower Of Doom; yes, I said one armed…

Austin got the pin on Matt Whathisname with a Spear, ending the feud (perhaps).

Match of the night and from Naptime To Snaptime (as Austin Lane kinda says), he entertains.

And Your Main Event

I was worried when this was given only 7 minutes. But there was a reason for this; Anthony and Michaels (sounds like a variety duo) have fought in such a variety of matches and places in MemphisWrestling, how were they going to make this different?

With skill and audacity.

And what a superb wresting entertainment match; perhaps Memphis Wrestling could call it a Hubris On A Pole match.

You see, Mike jumped on Bret and brutalised him at ringside before the bell had even rung. He then decided he’d done enough damage, threw the ref into the ring and leaned on him to ring the bell. The ref did…And Mike walked straight into a Gunshow Lariat for the pin. As Memphis Wrestling wrote on their Twitter feed;

‘Never doubt @thegunshowbret1 💪💥’

Mike Anthony’s arrogance came back to bite him; that’s almost poetic. It was certainly entertaining.

Former Memphis Wrestling Heritage champ

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

And so is Memphis Wrestling. I’ve been watching it since it returned and seldom been disappointed – they get it right, week after week and don’t mess with it. That’s a cause for celebration too.

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

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