Coastal Championship Wrestling : Classy!

One Match

The spaldings, grapefruits, stones – and other words to describe audacity.

The self-belief which says that Coastal Championship Wrestling recognise the brilliance of the roster they have here – varied, many offers, power and wrestling acrobatics.

Two of those great wrestlers with excellent charisma are…

Jai Vidal v Fuego Del Sol

Jai was a Coastal Championship Wrestling Cruiserweight champ for nearly 100 days recently and has recently been signed by Impact, Fuego Del Sol is with AEW, but luckily gets a chance to show his in ring quality with Coastal Championship Wrestling.

Vidal has self belief and here, his entrance became an event, he took his time, teased the Coastal Championship Wrestling crowd a little, fans who knew he would and loved it, Vidal asked the ref to open the ropes for him, then took his own sweet time getting in.

Credit; Las Vegas Wrestling Scene

Fuego wanted to have some fun, as Coastal Championship Wrestling reminded us;

‘Fuego even checked the referee for foreign objects…’

They did even more, when Vidal, lounging on the top turnbuckle, grabbed the ref in a head scissors and Fuego completed the move by slapping that ref’s butt.

The Match

There was a little clowning here early on too, as Feugo refused to pin Vidal after a sweet Springboard Cutter, preferred to show us his worm and segueing into a stunning Shooting Star Press.

Vidal had that beat, with Fuego on the apron, he leapt over the top rope and drove his opponent’s face into the mat on the way over.

Credit; CCW

They worked so well together, Vidal synched in a Sharpshooter, Feugo sold it like it was intolerable pain, crawled to the ropes and got there just as Jai cranked back on his leg; excellent wrestling entertainment.

Fuego began to turn it on and when he followed a Springboard Moonsault with a Tornado DDT which he actually held onto to get the pin.

Credit; CCW

Short And Sweet

The whole of CCW Alive was only around 20 minutes, but they were right to call it;

‘…fast and furious…’

It was something else – entertainment. It had great moves. It had great character work. Above all, it had match construction, the match grew, started with fun, hit us with moves, took us up and down and delivered that wrestling entertainment with absolute style. That’s Coastal Championship Wrestling for you.

And Sol even laid a lip smacker on Vidal after the match.

Credit; CCW

Well done, Coastal Championship Wrestling, well done Jai and Fuego. Pristine.

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