AEW: Dynamite, Mark Briscoe Makes In-Ring Debut, Honers Brother Jay

All night AEW honoured the late great Jay Briscoe after Warner Brothers Discovery and TBS made a major u-turn in their decision to not allow the Briscoes on their network. This is a good call from them and getting to see all his family and friends come together tonight to celebrate his life and career was magical. The video package sees Briscoe in his element, as a dedicated family man, including his practice with his daughter for cheerleading along with some of his biggest moments in Ring of Honor, including footage of Kevin Owens [Steen], Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal.

The Matches: Allin, Matthews, Storm and Soho Shine

The night starts off instantly with the chaotic grudge match between Ricky Starks and Chris Jericho. This is a tag team match so both are joined by a friend, Sammy Guevara and a new up-and-comer on the roster Action Andretti. This is truly a showcase for Andretti who is only 3 years into his career, he is fast and impressive and has great chemistry with both Guevara and Jericho. I am unsure about his weight but seeing him in the Best Of The Super Juniors would be a great moment for this young star.

Next Up we have Buddy Matthews with Julia Hart representing The House of Black challenging for the TNT championship against Darby Allin. This match is absolutely brutal, Allin fights back with all his might but Buddy Matthews isn’t going to go lightly on the champion. The lights go out allowing for the rest of The House of Black to appear but Ortiz, who has had an ongoing feud with the House, comes to save the day.


The third match sees Ethan Page team up with Matt Hardy to take on JungleHook. This match is good and fun with Jungle Boy and Hook being the true stars but Ethan Page was also incredible. He is very much underrated and should be getting a bigger push but the roster is stacked and hopefully, he will get his moment soon.

Bryan Danielson is on to his next opponent in the form of one-third of the ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions, Brian Cage. This match was good but it could have been a lot better. Danielson really performed at a high level despite some really scary moves hit on him by Brian Cage. It really wasn’t my cup of tea but I’m sure other fans loved it. There was a beatdown afterwards with Cage and MJF trying to break the arm of Danielson but Konosuke Takeshita came to the rescue.

After Britt Baker was injured during a match on AEW: Dark this match became a singles match between Toni Storm and Ruby Soho. Toni turned heel on last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, along with SARAYA, claiming that they will destroy the homegrown AEW talent.

Soho isn’t homegrown, she has worked hard and appeared in many promotions but as a true punk, she doesn’t like to see injustice and is determined to stand up for the women in the locker room like Willow. Toni looked every inch the heel but was thwarted by the sudden appearance of Britt Baker allowing Ruby Soho to pick up the win.

The Storylines: Family Therapy, Hangman Vs Moxley and MJF Announces Danilsons Next Labour

Normally a therapy bit doesn’t work but the family therapy between The Acclamied, The Gunns and Billy Gunn was done so well. It felt really natural and everyone got to talk about what was really going on. The idea of absentee fathers in the wrestling business isn’t anything new but it’s refreshing to see The Gunns lay their souls bare for all to see. It gives us more of an understanding of why they are doing what they are doing. I think in the end, they just all need to hug it out.

It seems Hangman Adam Page still wants to beat Jon Moxley, or more specifically knock him out, which makes things very awkward for Renee Parquett. Wheeler Yuta shows up and challenges Page for a match on Rampage. the tired match between Moxley and Page will take place on next week’s AEW Dynamite.

MJF followed up his attack with a backstage promo, informing the world and Bryan Danielson himself that he has brought in an absolute monster for his next ‘labour’. Next week on AEW Dynamite we will get to see Danielson face off against the hard-hitting, joint-manipulating daemon known as Timothy Thatcher.

Main Event: Mark Briscoe Vs Jay Lethal

Ian Ricobani and Caprice have tagged into commentating on this match alongside Excaliber. This is a pure celebration of Jay Briscoe and his life and what better way to do that than a match between ROH’s two biggest stars? My emotions began flowing the moment ‘Reach For The Sky’ hit, expecting to see the two of them but instead seeing Mark Briscoe on his own, with both ROH World Tag Team Championships in his position.

I said last week that Lethal had one of his best matches in AEW but this is his best, it’s hard-hitting, athletic and emotional on so many levels. We get some Redneck Kung-Fu from Mark Briscoe and this feels almost cathartic not just for us but for the two men inside the ring. This match was incredible and allowed the world to see just truly talented, even as a singles star Mark truly is. The crowd became unglued as Mark Briscoe hit the Jay Driller to win the match.

After talking to the camera and hugging Jay Leathel, who began to cry after leaving the ring, Mark joined the locker room at the top of the ramp. If you love tag team wrestling it wouldn’t be what it is today without The Briscoes. They were trailblazers of the industry and with Jay gone Mark will have to move on, maybe to singles compaction and carry that legacy for the both of them.

Credit; AEW

AEW: Dynamite Results

Sammy Guevara & Chris Jericho defeated Ricky Starks & Action Andraddie

Darby Allin defeated Buddy Matthews

JungleHook defeated Ethan Page & Matt Hardy

Bryan Danielson defeated Brian Cage

Ruby Soho defeated Toni Storm

Mark Briscoe defeated Jay Lethal

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