5 Questions for a Streamer: Maria

Today we start a new series, you already saw it with Xarissa, called 5 questions.  This time, it’s for streamers!  We start with one of my favourites, Maria.  She’s a fantastic photo editor and enjoys games like Final Fantasy and the Alice: Madness games.  I wandered into her stream a while back when she was streaming FFX, and hung around ever since!  All the artwork below is Maria’s work, if you’re interested in seeing her, follow her socials that are listed down below.

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5 Questions for Streamer Maria

Maria, thanks for doing this for me!  So here are your five random questions!

How did you get into streaming?

I got into streaming thanks to my family! I spent a lot of time playing videogames and talking about them with my dad (he’s a fellow gamer and the reason I started playing videogames in the first place!), So they suggested that since I love video games and that I’m good at them, I should try my luck with streaming! My brother and my dad played a bigger role, and they really supported me and compliment me (and my skills!). It’s safe to say I wouldn’t be streaming if they didn’t encourage and believed in me. 

So I mentioned earlier that you’re a fantastic photo editor.  What’s your favourite piece of art you’ve done to date?

Oh, that’s a hard one! I’ve done so many I love so much. Mmmmm I guess if I had to pick one… I’d choose my “do you believe in magic” edit of Tifa and Aerith, (which you can see above) and I do have a reason: for me, Tifa and Aerith are very special.

Their stories are both so incredible and they show how strong they are individually, and when they meet each other they’ll experience a whole new world together. And we know Aerith has powers, so I like to think that she’ll show Tifa some magic tricks, and the same goes for Tifa! Maybe she’ll teach Aerith some moves! Lastly, they’re friends, I’d go as far as to say that they’re best friends, so they share a special bond. 

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What is your favourite non-Final Fantasy game, or game franchise?

Mmm franchise? I don’t really have a favourite non-Final Fantasy franchise, as in I don’t follow them but if I had to say, I’d be…. Resident Evil! (I do however have favourite games outside of Final Fantasy! Alice: Madness Returns and Resident Evil Revelations 2!) 

You’ve told me before on steam that you’re multi-lingual, and I’ve seen you co-stream with your sister before where you speak Portuguese.  How many languages can you speak?

I speak 3 languages! European Portuguese (mother tongue), Spanish, and English! (I also started learning Mandarin but….let’s just say it’s a difficult language). 

Ok.  Tough question time.  Who is better, Zach from Crisis Core, or Cloud from Final Fantasy VII?  

Aaaaaaa….let’s see, I absolutely love Cloud’s character arc and his journey, and his story. He goes from an adorable country boy trying to impress his crush, to a test subject, has an identity crisis, almost dies and then becomes his true self and finally a hero. Zack is a puppy from the get-go, he is an amazing person and friend. He goes above and beyond for everyone he holds dear, never leaving his friends behind. what happens to him is something that I didn’t expect, since pure characters like him deserve a happy ending, and the ending he gets is heartbreaking. With all that said, I will not choose!! I love them both, they are my babies 

Well, I guess it really was a tough question after all!  If you want to catch a Maria stream, head on over to http://www.twitch.tv/marythacat and follow her over on Twitter, @Mgata_Official

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