AJ Lee’s Real Pipebomb | August 30, 2013

August 30, 2013.  Monday Night RAW.  A night for the history books.  A night that AJ Lee absolutely buried the “women’s division”, or more specifically the Total Divas stars.  Natalya, Naomi, Cameron, Natalya, and the Botch Twins.  AJ Lee held nothing back and showed what a fantastic promo you could cut if you’re let loose. ... Continue Reading →

Tales From A Hotel 4: Front Desk Chronicles

So it’s been a while since Tales from a Hotel/Tales from the Front Desk came out with its last article.  Being winter, it’s been really slow, so not much is going on.  However, I do have two that I can talk about.  One though, I’m still struggling with if I should put it out or... Continue Reading →

5 Questions For A Streamer: CherryBlossomShinobi & Cherrymere

So this week, we have another two-for-one!  This week's theme is Cherry!  We have CherryBlossomShinobi and Cherrymere!  It’s rumoured we have interviewed an alternate reality of Cherrymere last week, a joke we have with her and Kels, because they are so similar it’s scary.  Anyways.  So I found CherryB quite a while ago when she... Continue Reading →

5 Questions For A Streamer: ItsKelsBells and KissySensei

Welcome to another installment of our 5 Questions For A Streamer series. I’ve known Kels since she pretty much started streaming, and watched her go from this streamer who hid behind a tiny little webcam window, to doing 2 hour Just chatting videos in crystal clear HD.  Kels has come a long ways in her... Continue Reading →

5 Questions for a Streamer: Chubburnt & Noodles

Welcome to 5 Questions for a Streamer, with me Riley. Now let's get into round 2.  This week will feature Chubburnt and Noodles.  Two for one!  What an absolute treat, don't worry I'll try not to spoil you every week. 5 Questions for Streamer Chubburnt Chubburnt is a new streamer.  I met her in a... Continue Reading →

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