Memphis Wrestling: Fantastic Franchise

Shane Douglas Is In Memphis Wrestling!

And the Franchise does his work masterfully. He did several things;

Mentioned the Memphis Wrestling legacy, including the recently passed Jerry Jarrett

Reminded us of Eastern Championship Wrestling into Extreme Championship Wrestling by throwing the old Internet Championship belt down

Presented the new one with a held-back awe

Reacted to the upcoming Austin Lane and Bosby match so well he makes me really want to see it

I’ve been talking about the painted-over Internet belt for weeks, so nice to see the new lovely belt, silver, the red and blue Memphis Wrestling logo, and the black writing a little different.

And Austin Lane could have come across as arrogant. He crashed the party and claimed that he deserved the Internet Championship belt; well, he is the Best Of The Best and although he came up short for the belt recently, he reckons he wasn’t at his best.

And I’d love to see another match between the two of them – 30 minutes should do it.

Aaron Has An Easy Night

The Problem Child is a big threat in MemphisWrestling. Don’t take my word for it, ask him. Aaron Roberts and his mate Justin Case (still love that name) have looked like bullies recently.

And so it’s entirely appropriate that Roberts picked a Memphis Wrestling debutant; think he was called Jayden Ray. Not sure because he wasn’t namechecked much, there wasn’t time.

His opponent tried with a kick, but Aaron hit an Avalanche, short Punchline (clothesline + punch) and Vader/Problem Bomb for the pin.

Ooh Aaron, so tough…

A Real 80’s Angle

James Ellsworth, ex-WWE, was in Memphis Wrestling recently. His shtick whilst there? Women aren’t worthy. And now Sotrybook Prince Gaston and Matt Whathisname (what’s his name) are the Memphis section of Ellsworth Enterprises and so have bought into the anti-woman angle.

This reminds me of mid 80’s territorial Wrestling programmes and is used entirely to make the men of Ellsworth Enterprises look foolish; there’s a lot of fun to be had, particularly as the women of Memphis Wrestling are so good.

Here we had Nyxx v Diana Taylor, but this was actually about the Hollywood Clique; recently they lost Colton Cage and here? Diana almost crashed into Clique head honcho Jimmy Blaylock on the apron after she’d done well with a High Knee and Leg Lariat and suffered a Nyxx Samoan Drop. As JD Raeger put it on Memphis Wrestling Plus;

‘It’s been an interesting few weeks on Memphis Wrestling TV for “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock and his stable of talent, The Hollywood Clique.’

The distraction from the almost crash allowed a Nyxx roll-up and pin after which Taylor jawed at Jimmy and left him open-mouthed.

DDT jaws at Jimmy Blaylock at Memphis Wrestling
Credit; FiveStarrFanCam/Fredstyle88

Soon only Van Vicioussss will remain…

Family Feud

Uncle Mikey wants to end it. Main Event Bradley wants to end it. This didn’t end it. The family issues between Mikey and Brad, with big lad Uncle Phil involved, just continued.

As soon as Mikey was on top, a test of strength turned into a Hammerlock, Brad ran from The Desk where he was on commentary to put his knee in Mikey’s back, then sprinted to The Desk and insisted he never moved.

Back in the ring, the arm dropped once, twice, oh no, Mikey wasn’t going down from a Bearhug. Just to prove it, he was willing to bite Phil’s nose.

The ending was a well-plotted Memphis Wrestling mess. Brad involved and on the top turnbuckle, after Phil had walked into Gator Feet but was able to regain his faculties and get Mikey on his shoulders, Mikey slipped out and pushed Phil so his head connected with Brad’s twig and berries. Or meat and two veg. Etc.

And soon Mikey rolled him up for the pin.

Feud Over?

Erm…Afters. Clippers. Not for the hair. For Mikey’s ‘tasche. His face was through the ropes to the camera and Brad N’ Phil didn’t shave it all off, oh no. They left a toothbrush. What some called a Hitler ‘tasche. It didn’t look good at all.

Oh no, this one will continue…

Barnabus’ Barnum Brouhaha

His charge Maurice The Strong affected the Memphis Wrestling Heritage Title match last week, K Toomer seemed close to unseating champ Brett ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ Michaels before Maurice got involved.

But Toomer will get another chance, won’t he? Well…Ben Bishop challenged Brett early on, they tagged briefly against an unnamed team and Ben claimed the belt right to his face later on.

Bret And Ben On Memphis Wrestling
Credit; FiveStarrFanCam/Fredstyle88

And Toomer? Laid out by the crowbar to the back from Maurice last week, it seems he’ll be in a Memphis Wrestling TV feud with the Circus Strongman.

Is that all Toomer gets? That’s a real shame.

Memphis Muddle?

Toomer’s Title forgotten? Mikey’s Moustache? Bishop v Brett? This was an odd episode, but a necessary building one. It wasn’t great, but it was necessary.

Just like Memphis Wrestling every week.

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