Memphis Wrestling Crash, Bang, Wallop!

Start Strong

With Memphis Wrestling Tag champs the Posse versus Derrick The King and Ray Ray Sanders.

As the Memphis Wrestling twitter feed said;

‘The Posse kick things off HOT! NO RULES!!’

In a No Rules match. Which here should have been called a No Disappointment match. Why?

Cedit; Five Starr Fan Cam/Fredstyle88

So much happened so much of it was fun; check this out:
Ray came out with a trash can and smacked Mister Chris with it
Ray pulled out a bullrope and ended up with it wound round his foot and Simon pulling him round the ring
Ray slammed onto a trashcan
Not the best night for Ray so far
Ray cookie sheet to Simon
Double trashcan shot to Derrick
Simon chain round the fist punch and then round the elbow pop
A Posse chain assisted double clothesline
Simon finds an at least 20 feet long 2×4
Terrence on commentary worries about splinters – there’s a bit more to worry about than that…
It was only a thin piece of wood and Simon is a big dude, but that wood didn’t break when he was thrown onto it
Derrick had fun with a tinselled oversized candy cane
Tree Of Woe! And just to make sure, the Posse taped Derrick onto the buckles
Just when Dustin Starr mentions ECW, many chairs are thrown into the ring a la Terry Funk
Ray suffered a Sidewalk Slam and a Splash off the top for the pin.

Cedit; Five Starr Fan Cam/Fredstyle88

What a match to start things with, so well done that a Memphis Wrestling crowd member reached out and briefly took one of the Memphis Wrestling Tag Team belts.

Just Stunning.

Barnabus Plays Brett

Barnabus and his charge Maurice The Strong broke up the Memphis Wrestling Heritage Title match recently by smacking K Toomer on the back with a tire iron and putting him out of action – must have just caught some scar tissue – and so champ Brett ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ Michaels stormed to the ring expecting to fight the strongman.

Barnabus wasn’t going to let that power go. So the champ will have to wait until next week; where was the Memphis Wrestling championship committee? This is two wrestlers making matches; interesting…

Good Tag Team Too

Ellsworth Enterprises gents, Storybook Prince Gaston and Matt Whathisname, have been advancing their dislike of women wrestling, easy heel heat and an angle both horrible and 80’s territory wrestling.

Gio Savage and Draco wanted to put the Ellsworth Extras back in their box; they did it well too. Although Gaston and Matt worked well together, with a nice Swinging Neckbreaker , Draco finally managed to hit a Superkick get the hot tag.

After Savage hit a sweet Reverse DDT, he showed how much he listened to me (what?) in my dislike of his toe poking Shoe Kick by changing it to a stomp – a Shoe Phew.  No phew for Gaston though as Whathisname’s head ended up, after a neat trip, on a delicate place of his anatomy.

The ending was lovely – a Savage Fireman’s Carry, a Draco Axe Kick into a Death Valley Driver for the pin.

This match provided old style Memphis Wrestling Wrestling Entertainment and was good value for that.

Another Try With Ash Taylor

Taylor is trying a heel preacher gimmick. Many have done it. Who could supplant the oleaginous Brother Love – Iiiiii luuuuuuuurve youuuuuu – so he needs to have a real go to make a difference. And he’s been given a chance  – attacked by Tommy Dreamer, managing his acolyte Brother Red to the final of the Memphis Wrestling Cobra Cup – these haven’t really moved the needle, perhaps because Brother Red wasn’t there for the final and Taylor had to deputise – but here’s a new idea.

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen Memphis Wrestling stars finding Ash Taylor leaflets – Jennifer Justice, Ray Collins, Bulletproof Bruce who picked up his leaflet from the toilet floor after washing his hands – no, Bruce, noooooo – and here they are.

Cedit; Five Starr Fan Cam/Fredstyle88

Acolytes. Justice and Bruce stern faced, Collins smirking somewhat. As you’d expect, Taylor wants a monetary contribution to the collection plate before he lets them in, so Justice and Bruce chip in $100, but Collins refuses and they all say ‘fair enough, Ray’.

Of course they don’t! Justice slaps him first, then Bruce smacks him to the floor and Taylor ends it with a rather stiff-looking kick. Not sure where this is going, but I’ll buy it.

One more thing, Collins has been given some possibilities too – plucky loser from from the Academy, Hot Shots buddy, now excommunicated Taylor trouble. He’ll be wanting something to stick…

And Your Main Event

Tim Bosby v Austin Lane

This was experience v energy for the Memphis Wrestling Internet Championship and my word it was good, with an extraordinary end.

With Shane Douglas back on commentary, Lane started early with a knee that knocked the champ to the floor, then followed it up with a fine topé.

But Bosby put great offence together too, a Spinning Sideslam, postings with such authority he ended up on the mat and when he held Austin as he came of the top, a Black Hole Slam followed for a long 2.

Cedit; Five Starr Fan Cam/Fredstyle88

And the ending sequence was a killer, Lane slapped on an STF, Bosby squeezed out, got Lane up for the GTS, he escaped and synched in the STF again, Bosby tried to crawl to the ropes, perhaps realised it was so very, very far and bit Lane’s hand. That’ll break the hold…

Suddenly, Bosby found the energy for a Ripcord Clothesline and then dug deep for another. 

And that was it. The pin. What? That surprised me; Lane, the Best Of The Best, put the Memphis Wrestling Internet champ over in an extraordinary way.

Speaks volumes for Lane’s Wrestling acumen that he allowed it and for Memphis that they ended on such an emphatic note.

Memphis Magic

They know exactly what they’re doing, Memphis Wrestling, they have the 80’s style, the Wrestling talent, the occasional off moment, which makes the successes shine brighter – and Memphis Wrestling does.

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