Memphis Wrestling : K Toomer Ain’t Happy

Stay Tuned, They Said

That’s what Memphis Wrestling told me when I whined about the outcome of the Toomer v Bret ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ Michaels Heritage Title match a few weeks ago – Maurice The Strong crowbar between Toomer’s shoulders and he was out injured.

From a crowbar to the back?

Well, maybe. And so I was told to stay tuned when I showed my discontent about that and Toomer’s seemingly lost chance at the belt.

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

They were right to ask me to stay tuned. Sort of. Toomer was ahead of the Memphis Wrestling credits this week, Dustin and Terrence having to wait as he stepped out of a car, strode purposefully down the aisle and told Dustin that he wanted in the main event later on.

Ah, that would be Micheals v Maurice. Makes sense.

But First…

Jimmy Blaylock’s Revisionist History

He wants Diana Taylor to call him back, almost begged her. But then he told us that the Hollywood Clique was better off without Colton Cage and Van Vicioussss informed us that he made Cage leave, just as he was asked.

Erm…hang on. Unless the long-term plan was to cheese him off so much that he couldn’t bear to stay. It’s an interesting thought…

VV & Jason Vain v LA Hustlers
There is absolutely no chance Colton Cage, bad mouthed so much earlier, will interfere, so just concentrate on the match…

The previously Adamus Vain looked on as the Hustlers tried out some double team moves on VV, but he was there to hit a Clothesline on Hustlers’ Roughshot from the apron during a distraction.

Terrence then informed us ‘that chop hit him so hard it touched his back’; nice one. VV and Vain took over with a Side Slam and a low Choke Slam, so surely they’re bound to win and…

…hang on, Colton Cage with a chair! Well, blow me down with a feather. Memphis Wrestling pros VV and Vain turn round completely to Cage and Hustlers’ Bradley unloaded a boot for the pin.

Cage vouchsafed the information that Jimmy Blaylock always put him behind Van Vicioussss in the Hollywood Clique pecking order. Haven’t I been saying that for about 6 months?

I say it here, it comes out there…

Several Odd Angles

Tag partner Derrick The King shows upset at Ray Ray Sanders’ injury after being slammed onto chairs in the No Rules match with The Posse last week. Alan Steel is also interviewed…not so upset.

And we see the footage of Ray Ray being taken out of the ring last week. Is he genuinely injured? Are they turning him back heel? Is this a Derrick change of heart? Should be interesting…

Big John Dalton approaches Mackenzie Morgan ahead of her Memphis Wrestling Women’s title match and asked her to watch out for Gaston and Matt Whathisname as they’ve vowed to attack her. He did the same with her recently. This means either he’s interested in her luuuuuurve wise or he’s setting her up because he’s allied with those 2. Should Be interesting…

Ben Bishop wants to shake the hands of trainees, then grabs one and almost hits him. But doesn’t. Can’t help remembering the times Mike Anthony has a contretemps with trainees, because he beat them up. Bishop looked like he was a weaker alternative. Might not be interesting…

Marvin Stockwell of Coliseum Coalition is interviewed. The mayor, apparently, is looking to tear down the Mid South Coliseum and build a football field. Now, this serious, because the Coliseum is a Memphis Wrestling go to venue – so many big matches went on there.

And this played out like a genuine appeal, which I feel sure it is.

But then Reverend Ash Taylor arrived, wirh acolytes Brother Bulletproof Bruce and Sister Jennifer Justice – dressed as a nun. Yep, a nun. And the outfit was a costume; how do I know? It was shiny. No nun’s habit and wimple looks like that…

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

Anyway, he gets in on the act by saying that the Mid South Coliseum will be removed, but to be replaced by an Ash Taylor refuge.

Although Big Swole Justin Cole came out and called the Rev’s belief a ‘fake, BS church’ and demanded a match with Bruce which the Bulletproof One wanted but the Rev didn’t, this was a mixing of Memphis Wrestling past and present which didn’t quite hang together. And Jennifer Justice was dressed as a nun…

When I Say Action…

We all say Jackson. Because Action Jackson is really popular in Memphis Wrestling; we all want to know what kind of juice is in his backpack – he’s got a tube he sucks on during matches, which looks better than it sounds.

Here’s he faced the rather fine Ryan Rembrandt, who takes it to him early on with a Suplex and Back Elbow, Clothesline and Headlock which they both sold well, a Single Leg Crab.

But even though A Jackson didn’t get much offence in, his Twisting Blockbuster, yes Twisting Blockbuster, deserved the pin.

When I say Action, you say…is it Action?

Co-Main Event Mayhem

Memphis Wrestling Women’s title on the line. Cassandra Golden, champ. Mackenzie Morgan, challenger.

There wasn’t much to this, except a Golden Hip Attack, because the ending was the most important thing.

The ref counted three, Morgan thought she was the winner, but Golden’s foot was on the ropes, so the ref changed his mind.

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

Morgan didn’t take this news well. And Golden didn’t lose any time hitting the Driver for the pin.

This one is even more interesting. Golden and Morgan are friends, but will that be were friends? And will this be the beginning of a Morgan heel turn? Should be interesting…

Main Event Mayhem

Should have been Memphis Wrestling Heritage champ Michaels versus strong Maurice.

But Toomer wanted in. And Bret isn’t about to stop him. He stepped out.

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

Hang on, can he do that? Well, it wasn’t for the title, I don’t think and Toomer does want revenge.

And although the match didn’t go long, it did go sweet. Of course Toomer started strong, Maurice was picked up and dumped, when he popped up, he tasted a Slingblade. Stay down, Maurice!

Toomer’s Twisting Kick brought Barnabus in to help, which he did as Maurice took over with some weal punches and a Claw which was actually on top of the head rather than the forehead.

Toomer saved it by hitting a tasty cutter and Barnabus decided discretion was the better part of valour and pulled Maurice out of the ring.

Ah, did I miss Michaels and Toomer squaring up. As Memphis Wrestling twitter said;

‘When we left the air, tension was rising inside the squared circle.’

Memphis Marvellous?

It may not look like it from some of the things I’ve pointed out, but Memphis Wrestling was extremely entertaining this week.

As it is every week.  You know when they asked me to Stay Tuned? They were right.

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