Memphis Wrestling Magic! Again…

Memphis Wrestling has bedded into their new Action News home now and the programme seems to have a real smooth groove.It seems to know where it’s going, like what it’s doing and have a formula which is hard to beat.

Likeable stars

Mackenzie Morgan is the new women’s champ. She won it two weeks ago from Nyxx, so what do they do?

Make us wait for two weeks to see her with the belt. Good move, as was bringing her out first. The crowd showed an outpouring of love and she seemed over excited, not surprising as this is the first title for Memphis Wrestling trainee.

Memphis Wrestling Women's Champ Mackenzie Morgan

Credit: Five Star Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

She has a combo of self confidence and naivety which is hard to replicate and interesting to watch. Nixi XS didn’t find it interesting and she brought her O’Neal Bros back up. So for, so expected in wrestling.

But Memphis Wrestling has a really fun side, so when Nixi bad mouths her for being poor and tired, Morgan cut her off with a sudden ‘you wanna fight?’

It’s great to buck the Wrestling trend and their match was even, including a Nixi suplex and crank back on the head, a Morgan inzegueri and dropkick through the ropes to the O’Neals, then her Belly to Belly Suplex finisher for the pin.

Memphis Wrestling Enjoyment

Credit: Five Star Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

That ending is a bit of an old skool feel too, generally we don’t do finishers from that sort of move in modern Wrestling, but they did in the 80’s…Morgan is a star in the making and she seems to want to be; Memphis Wrestling is where she needs to hone her craft right now.

Guests Never Outstay Their Welcome

It’s usually one visit per programme and that’s the right thing, get the crowd delight and then leave them wanting more.

NZo I don’t know from WWE but do know he’s returning to Wrestling after challenging times and he got the crowd up well.

Memphis Wrestling Guest nZo

Credit: Five Star Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

Of course the Hollywood Clique came to spoil things, Jimmy Blaylock sparring with the crowd member dressed as…Jimmy Blaylock and Secret Service dressed as nZo (is that how it’s written?) and doing a passable impression.

Van Vicious was the sacrificial lamb, in the sense that if he fights the guest he will more than likely lose, but Memphis Wrestling has a different view.

Yes, nZo (are you sure that’s right?) had issues with Clique distractions which allowed VV to stomp him, but Van is the Man in this match, sidewalk slam, cheeky pull by the trunks into the buckle, huuuuge throw off the top are all his.

But nZo (I think that’s right) came back with a beautiful flying DDT from the 2nd strand and a sole to the face for the pin.

Memphis Wrestling Action

Credit: Five Star Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

Badda Bing etc and done. Memphis Wrestling do get some big stars though, advertised on Eventbrite;

‘Sunday, October 8, 2023 | Get ready for the biggest Memphis Wrestling Halloween SPOOKtacular YET!Featuring WWE & Memphis legend Vampire Warrior Gangrel, IMPACT Wrestling’s Crazzy Steve, the monster KRULE, WWE alumni Kevin Thorne & MORE!’

Slight Changes Making A Big Improvement

Last week we had slooooo moooooooooo and this week Terrance Ward, who I sort of miss on commentary with Dustin Starr (not that I dislike his wife Maria on commentary, she adds a note of level-headedness to Dustin’s excitement), now has a separate interview segment.

It’s in front of a Memphis Wrestling backdrop, whilst everything in the past has been done at The Desk to link to Memphis Wrestling past. That still happens, but this is a feature.

And Terrence has a hard-hitting interview technique, getting his point in about Internet title matches against Austin Lane, who beat him for the belt recently. In baseball it’s 3 strikes and you’re out, he reminds him.That’s really good stuff and drew a response from Bos, as desired.How far will Terrence go with this? I really want to find out.

Title Belt Excitement

The tag team, internet and women’s title have been won recently, so you can’t fiddle too much with them at the moment.Brett ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ Michaels (not that one) though, top man in the promotion as Heritage Title holder and destroyer of many almost squash opponents recently, seems settled with that title.

Right lads, line up! 5 of them. In a match. For the number 1 contendership. That sounds exciting, but it won’t be if you don’t get the mix of contenders right.

You have to give Big Swole Justin Cole another shot, he’s over and is so plucky we could believe he’d win.

Colton Cage is a recent good guy convert and deserves this chance.

We need a wildcard who can leaven the tension with fun; step up, Mikey!

And the most interesting combatants? The tag team of Mike Anthony and K-Toomer, who stared a hole through Mikey when he interrupted their chat about being friends but being true to their title aspirations. Mike led, heartfelt and sure – he does this intensity, reality, so well.

And one of these two are my pick to win the whole thing. Which one? I have no idea, and that’s one reason why this is so enticing.

An Old Friend

We’d already seen Tim Grind, previous Memphis Wrestling success, have trouble with his son Lance who has aligned himself with top nasties The Posse. Well, he almost got his hands (and his belt) on his son, but soon got beaten down by the terrible trio.

Until he was joined by a mate. A Memphis Wrestling mate. Flex! From their Two Cool 2 team, which is both nostalgia for the fans who remember the last run of Memphis and excitement for the team reuniting.

A Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Return

Credit: Five Star Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

Memphis Wrestling uses the knowledge of the promotion and the fans to bring a warm glow – Dustin and the team press all the right buttons.

Memphis Wrestling Works

2 matches. That’s what we had this week. And I didn’t even notice, this was so exciting. Remember how I wrote that they hit all the spots. First you must know what they are. Dustin and the crew do. And I love them for it.

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