Double Or Nothing: AEW Is Back In Vagas

AEW is back in Las Vagas and brings you the fifth Double Or Nothing event in its history. On the main card, we have nine matches with all seven championships being defended tonight. Elsewhere on the card we have Adam Cole and Christ Jericho duke it out in an unsanctioned match. The Elite looks to... Continue Reading →

WrestleMania 25th Anniversary

WrestleMania 25 or the 25th anniversary comes to you from Reliant Stadium in Houston Texas, which is the home of the NFL team the Housten Texans. This is a really good Mania with lots of high-level matches and the first of two UnderTaker/Shawn Michaels bouts at the show of shows. WrestleMania 25th Anniversary in Texas... Continue Reading →

WrestleMania 24 Comes To Florida

WrestleMania 24 is here with the tagline 'The Biggest WrestleMania Under the Sun' coming to you from The Florida Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida. WrestleMania 24: The Biggest WrestleMania Under the Sun JBL Vs Finlay in a Belfast brawl is what starts off WrestleMania 24, or WrestleMania XXIV [we are in roman numerals now]. Oh,... Continue Reading →

AEW: Dynamite, Mark Briscoe Makes In-Ring Debut, Honers Brother Jay

All night AEW honoured the late great Jay Briscoe after Warner Brothers Discovery and TBS made a major u-turn in their decision to not allow the Briscoes on their network. This is a good call from them and getting to see all his family and friends come together tonight to celebrate his life and career... Continue Reading →

AEW Rampage Starts Strong! After That?..

The Good Bit Tony Khan gave us a Katsuyori Shibata match on Rampage. Perhaps he was stung by the criticism of the programme in recent weeks, perhaps there was so much good stuff on Dynamite that they couldn't possibly fit anything else in - probably not that last one... Credit: Slam Wrestling Anyhow, Shibata, that... Continue Reading →

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