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AEW Dynamite: AEW Goes Back To Basics

AEW Dynamite is coming to you live from Washington DC at the Capital One Arena, the place where it all began and what a night they have in store for us. With MJF and Adam Cole facing off to the main event and the first trios match for The Young Bucks and ‘Hangman’ Adam Page is a solid unit in AEW. We also see Toni Storm defend her AEW Women’s World Championship and Wardlow defend his TNT Championship.

It’s all go here in Washington.

AEW Dynamite Is Back On Top

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We start Dynamite off with MJF Vs Adam Cole in an eliminator match. If Cole wins then he will get to challenge for the championship. This match is insane with both men doing everything and anything, especially in MJF’s case to try and win this match. These two are perfect dance partners countering the other at every turn and hitting some brutal-looking moves in the process including a piledriver on the apron and an incredible Panama Sunrise.

This match has everything and it feels like Dynamite is back to the way it was, exciting with some great wrestling. Not just great fantastic, in my opinion. It does go to a 30-minute time limit draw, but only just. Adam Cole demanded five more minutes but MJF walks out. What will happen next, I guess we will find out next week.

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Renee Parquett is inside the ring and ready to welcome Sammy Guevara back to AEW after his phenomenal match at Double or Nothing against MJF, Darby Allin and Jungle Boy. Guevara talks about what he’s been through the last few months including the announcement of he and Tay Melo expecting a baby girl.

Darby Allin comes out to speak to Sammy asking him if he will always be in the shadow of Chris Jericho, he has a valid point, but when you mention Jericho’s name he shall appear. He is angry with Sammy Guevara and it feels like these two might be breaking up and Darby is just having fun stirring the pot. Sting arrives and faces off against Jericho. Oh, these two are about to go at it, what a feud this will be.

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Credit; AEW

Our next match sees The Mogel Emberssey face off against Darby Allin, Sting, Keith Lee and Orange Cassidy. It was a fun match if not a little chaotic and sloppy in places. Stinrolled back the years again and did what he needed to do while everyone ekes on his team supported him, bringing the thrills. Swerve Strickland was a standout as always but Kaun was someone who really shined and is the best when it comes to the ROH Trios Champions.

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Credit; AEW

Wardlow Vs Jake Hager is just a nice simple match between two big strong men. With that, this is only their third singles match, with both men holding a win over the other. The difference tonight is the TNT championship is on the line. Wardlow wins but it looks like he will be having to defend his championship sooner than he realised. Wardlow will be facing Luchasaurus at Collision this week, especially after he and Christan Cage attacked Arn Anderson.

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Credit; AEW

Toni Storm Vs Skye Blue put on a comparative match that shows off both of their in-ring skill. Skye Blue has improved so much since her debut in AEW and here she really does bring the power and speed, seeing her passion just fills me with so much joy and the crowd were red hot for this match and her.

Toni Storm has been one of the best wrestlers in the world for a good decade and she has just blossomed. This is her second run as the champion and has continued where Jamie Hayter has left off. Being a defending champion is so important to the women’s division and with this match, you can see just how far they have come. Definitely, one to watch.

It’s Time For The Main Event of AEW Dynamite

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Credit; AEW

The HungBucks Vs Blackpool Combat Club are our main event tonight, admittedly they aren’t called the HungBucks anymore but I love that name. Bryan Danielson is on commentary which is always a huge threat as his insight is always welcomed. This match is fast-paced, hard-hitting and just lots of fun. This is also the first time we are seeing the Bucks and Page compete in trios competition in AEW. This is pure wrestling and AEW at their absolute best, the whole night has been that way.

The HungBucks win but the BCC aren’t happy about it. So much happens here with Eddie Kingston’s return, Kenny Omega making an appearance, Konosuke Takashita just looking incredible and a surprise appearance from Will Ospreay.

AEW: Fight Forever

Match Announcements & Storyline Beats

SANADA is looking for a challenger to face him for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at Forbidden Door, but who will step up? It looks like we find out later in the night that it will be one of the four pillars, Jungle boy is now set to face SANADA with HOOK in his corner.

The Gunns helped Jay White last week but this week they are looking towards the Tag Team Division and The Hardy Boyz. I have to say The Gunns would be great as a part of Bullet Blub Gold and I’m hoping that that will become more established over the next few months.

Hiroshi Tanahashi will be at this year’s Forbidden Door and has challenged MJF for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship. MJF says no when he is informed of this by Renee, which is such an MJF thing to do. But he has no choice, it’s happening.

‘Hello Orange Bollacks’, yes Zack Sabre Jr is still around and wants to face Orange Cassidy for his championship at Forbidon door. Danial Garcia also wants a shot at Cassidy’s belt but first, we will see Orange Cassidy and Katsuyori Shibata face off against ZSJ and Danial Garcia.

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