Emily Fields’s style is often described as Tomboy but I would rather call it Comfortable Chic, which includes a combination of jumpers, jeans, t-shirts and baggy trousers styled in a trendy high street way. 

Emily sports a combination of different styles which create the all over Emily look. Sport Lux is one of the best way to describe her style which comes from her athletic interests, this is shown in her choice of jogging bottoms, sports inspired t-shirts and her letterman style jacket.

Another trend we see often is the military look, that could be influenced by her fathers work in the army, we see lots of khaki green in her wardrobe as well as camo print and military jackets. we also occasionally see her in a more tailored look sporting structured blazers, waistcoats and trousers which include strong lines and a monochrome colour pallet.

To achieve the Emily look it’s all about the right balance of trends and fabrics, mixing harsh fabrics, such as leather or denim, with a softer or lighter fabric such as wool or cotton will create a relaxed yet on trend look. paring with trainers or boots and a good sized bag, normally in black and made from leather, will finish off the outfit. Emily does sometimes wear dresses, normally oversized jersey tops or shirt dresses, but shorts are a more popular option. Jumpsuits and rompers are also acceptable. 

Colours include Khaki Green, Brown, Burgundy and Monochrome while she is not overly enthusiastic with pattens checks, tartan, graphic designs and textured materials are a common theme within her wardrobe, over the years her style has become more defined and stylish rather than a huge mess of trends.

(All images from the lovely people over at http://pllcloset.tumblr.com/)

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