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RAW – 3rd June 2019

Roman Reigns

We start off the show with Roman Reigns, it’s as if he never got drafted to Smackdown live. Him being exclusive on Smackdown made him feel like a big deal again.

Shane O’Mac is back on TV, I’m not a fan of this angle & i will have to go more in depth at some point. Either on twitter or on The Ren & Bam Bam Show.

Shane O’Mac just gave a villain monologue, have you learnt from any movies, you never tell the hero your entire plan.

Oh look Shane’s lapdog Drew McIntyre is here.

“I’m going to end you” ok Drew sounds sexy.

Oh so now The Revival have been dragged into this craziness.

Roman Reigns & The Usos vs Drew McIntyre & The Revival

The Usos & The Revival in the ring together is always going to be magic & this match is no exception.

Did Michael Cole just say that Shane O’Mac is dangerous?

“Dangerously Deluded” – Mama Nix.

There was some good back & forth between Roman & DrewDrew picked up the win pinning one of The Usos.

Afterwards they just decided to beat down on Roman & who cares at this point.

You know Roman it isn’t you & it isn’t me, It’s Shane O’Mac that’s the problem.


I’ve missed MizTV You know its bad when even The Miz is getting barely a reaction. Even Seth’s BURN IT DOWN was barely audible.

Hey Rollins, I like Baron Corbin, I know not a lot of people do, but he seems like a swell guy.

We did get some nice Burn It Down chants for a bit though.

Brock Lesner is in the building but hasn’t cashed in yet.

Lince Dorado, Kalisto & Gran Metalik vs ?

Lucha House Party have a tag team match, but big surprise Lars Sullivan has come out to spoil everything.

Haven’t we been doing this every week since Money In The Bank?You have guys not being used out the back.

Backstage Promo

I love the IIconics they are one of the few things that are good on this show.

Alexa Bliss wants to get coffee with Nikki & their friendship is so wholesome, I like this side to Alexa.

Send For The Man

Becky Lynch is here, does this crowd tonight seem really muted?

Becky is so good on the mic, but we are still doing this Becky vs Lacey thing.

Now Charlotte Flair is here too. Does anyone else feel like this entire segment is a mess?

Lacey just hit Flair with the women’s right & she no sold it like a champ.

Charlotte Flair vs Lacey Evens

There are Becky Chants during this match.

This match is a mess, every move looks so lacklustre, it feels like these ladies are just going through the motions.

“We Want Becky” chants are the most vocal this crowed have been all night so far.

Becky got the match thrown out, that was the most exciting bit of the entire match.

United States Championship

Rey Mysterio looks lovey in his suite & his arm is in a sling, I don’t think Mysterio is given enough credit for his promo skills. I like the fact he has mixed Spanish into his promo this week.

Joe has just come out & is just always amazing on the mic & he also looks amazing, fantastic even.

So Ray relinquished his title & gave it to the previous champion, Samoa Joe.

But Joe attacked him anyway cause that’s just what he does.

Arm Wrestling

Braun Strowman vs Bobby Lashley.

I guess this counts as a wrestling match, I’ve gotta get my wrestling content on this show somehow.

Is anyone else missing Lio Rush with Bobby Lashley?

I’m pretty sure this audience isn’t even miced & its making the whole product & viewing experience feel really flat.

So Braun Strowman won the arm wrestle & Bobby Lashley threw a tantrum.

Nikki Cross vs Payton Royce

Ok who gave Nikki coffee, it was you Alexa. No wonder she’s so hyper.

Good point Renee, when was the last time those Tag Team Titles where defended?

Payton Royce is a great wrestler as is Nikki Cross. This match is ok but I know these two women can do better if given the chance to shine.

Alexa Bliss had coffee brought to the ring but Payton spilt it & Billie pushed Alexa on to the floor.

Nikki Cross pinned Payton after giving her a neck breaker.

Alexa was angry & attacked Billie after the match with a drop kick & DDT. But Nikki Cross told her not to worry cause they won.

I love this friendship.

Promo Segment

Seth Rollins is back & is cutting a great promo.

Baron Corbin came out & goaded Rollins before Rollins attacked him. Seth is distracted by Lesner’s music only for Corbin to hit him with the end of days.

I’m sure there match at Super Showdown will be satisfactory.

Now Lesner w. Paul Hayman have come down to the ring with a ref, chair & the MITB contract. So we are just meant to sit here and watch Lesner with his sloppy German Suplexs & his sloppy chair shots & just accept the fact that he’s just going to cash in on Seth Rollins.

That whole segment was unnecessary, cause it’s not going to make anyone watch there stupid blood money show.

Firefly Fun House

Bray has a pink bumbag, this is great, Huskus the Pig Boy, we have a new friend on the show.

The Devil horned Vince McMahon puppet is possibly one of my favourite things at the moment, also all the memes that have come out of it.

Best segment of the night so far, I love Firefly Fun House.

Randy Orton vs HHH

Nice simple promo NXT chants from the audience.

HHH Doesn’t want to waste Randy’s time or our time, as the audience, which is really nice of him.

I kind of feel like they aren’t even trying, which makes this an absolute masterpiece.

They are just giving top quality banter.

Ricochet vs Cesaro

Ricochet is just cracking out the craziest moves during this match.

They have really great chemistry with each other but this match just feels so flat.

It’s just so sad know these guys have so much more to give yet they cant show it off in the way we all know they can.

24/7 Championship

Jinder pinned R-Truth on a golf course to win.

R-Truth pinned Jinder just after to win back his title.

So R-Truth has been hiding under the ring all night.

Drake Maverick finally confronts him in the ring only to be thwarted by Carmella with a superkick.

The locker room come out & chase Truth & Carmella out of the building.

The Undertaker

I would like it noted that I used to get so excited when I heard that first gong of the undertakers music & now I feel nothing.

WWE have ruined The Undertaker for me.

Entrance time: 03:36:55

Promo time: 02:12:41

Renee Young

The commentary team aren’t even listening to Renee at this point & she has been the only one who has done a good job tonight.

She’s been on that mic doing play by play as well as face & heel commentary. These boys be slacking.

Renee’s face says it all after that Seth & Brock segment.

Saving Monday Night Raw

The IIconics.

Rey Mysterio.

Samoa Joe.

Nikki Cross.

Renee Young’s commentary.

Firefly Fun House.



HHH & Randy.

24/7 Championship

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