Matches We Want To See After the Casino Battle Royal at AEW ALL OUT

At this year’s AEW: All Out the women were showcased in the Casino Battle Royal on the main card, which was a huge moment for the division.

The Joker of the pack was the debuting Ruby Soho who went on to win an opportunity to face the current AEW Women’s Champion Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. we got to see some new feuds teased, some end, and some heat up, but what are the five matches we want to see?

Please AEW give us character development, feuds that don’t revolve around the championship, and more opportunities for these women, who rock it every week, on AEW: Dynamite and AEW: Rampage.

#5. Emi Sakura & Lulu Pencil Vs Hikaru Shida & Riho

Emi Sakura and Lulu Pencil make their way to the ring during the Casino Battle Royal

Let’s play off that Teacher vs. Student story but in a brand-new way. AEW have always shone a spotlight on Joshi wrestling legends and up and comers within the industry and this match would be no different. During lockdown Gatoh Pro has taken on a life of its own and with it made a star out of the sweet and charismatic Lulu Pencil. Plus, all their matches are free on YouTube, and I talked about my love for Gatoh Pro earlier this summer.

Let’s make this match a showcase of her while continuing the friendly rivalry of Sakura and Shida, while also starting a story between the two most loveable Joshi wrestlers in the world, Lulu and Riho.

#4. Diamante Vs Big Swole

Big Swole gives a hard kick to rival Diamante on AEW: Dark

These two women have been feuding for some time on Dark and Dark: Elevation but why has it not moved to the two main shows? Diamante and Big Swole are two of the most talented and popular wrestlers on the roster and what Dynamite and Rampage are really missing is a compelling story between these two women.

The two are set to face off on this Tuesdays AEW: Dark in a Three Strikes Match, but this feels like something that should be seen by more people. And I personally just want more for the division, relegate some of those things that are just not hitting right on the Main shows and give the world what we all want, a program between these two women.

#3. ‘Legit’ Leyla Hirsch vs Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill stuns in a black and gold number before a match at AEW

Yes, give me a short strong girl vs tall strong girl, please. Sometimes a match or feud doesn’t need a complicated back story to work. This would be a case of two incredibly strong athletic and powerful women facing off, in a three or five-match program to determine who is the true top dog of the division.

And if this feud does go to a five-match series, we can explore so many different sides to the art of wrestling, from a submission-only match that would favor the Legit one to a beat-the-clock challenge that would favor the powerhouse that is Jade Cargill. Have it build and build until their last match, give us a women’s three stages of hell match and it won’t matter who wins because we all win and you have created two legitimate badass stars who can challenge for the championship.

#2. The Bunny and Penelope Ford vs Anna Jay and Tay Conti

Anna Jay returned on AEW: Dynamite to reunite with Tay Conti

Over the last few months, we have seen Penelope ford and Tay Conti bring it to each other inside an AEW ring. Ford would find a confidant and business partner in The Bunny, who was looking for an ally for the Casino Battle Royal at AEW: ALL OUT. Tay Conti has been out in the wilderness for some time, putting on some of the best matches in the division while keeping the name of her bestie in everyone’s minds.

The Wednesday before All Out, things would come to a head with Penelope and The Bunny attacking Tay Conti after her match, but she would be saved by a returning Anna Jay, reuniting the two after months apart. We have had the privilege of seeing Ford and Conti face each other on many occasions and each time they knock it out of the park as they are both full of charisma and have great chemistry with the other.

These two pairings found each other in the Casino Battle Royal and while Tay and Penelope stole the show, we did get to see the four women interact at various point during the match. If AEW are serious about their women’s division and creating a Tag-Team division and possible belts, these two teams would be the perfect first holders and feud for that.

#1. Thunder Rosa vs Ruby Soho

Ruby Soho and Thunder Rosa come face to face in the Casino Battle Royal at AEW All Out

I did consider putting a triple threat match here or even Thunder Rosa Vs. Nyla Rose and I have some very good reasons as to why those two matches should happen, but for right now we need Rosa Vs. Soho.

Thunder Rosa Vs. Nyla Rose will happen somewhere down the line and judging by Rose’s reaction to Rosa it is very clear that there is a story there. The two of them work well together and Thunder Rosa might be the only woman that Nyla Rose fears. The triple threat I mentioned would insert Ruby Soho into the mix so we can have a full rematch and feud built off of the final three in the Casino Battle Royal.

Both matches would-be killer, but I want to put the focus on Thunder Rosa and Ruby Soho, the most popular women’s wrestlers in the company, and Soho only just daubed at All Out. From the small amount of interaction, we got to see as the final two battled it out for an opportunity to face Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D, we will be in for a treat when these two finally get to face off one on one. Soho and Rosa should feud for the title at some point, but first they need to defeat Baker.

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